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FFiv Tips And Cheats

Getting the Excalibur Sword:
Fly in the airship which has the hook and pick up the hovercraft. Then head directly north of that huge island that mysidia is on and around there is another island. land it near the town and take the hovercraft to the cave. In the cave you see these two guys and one of them collects tails. Give him the rat\´s tail (from the land of summoned monsters). The guy is happy so he agrees to give you a piece of adamant. Head down to the underworld and in the lower right corner of the map, land here. You can go get stuff in the pots if you want and after head upstairs to the man in the bead. Give him the adamant and he will take that legend sword you\´ve been lugging around. Now if you try to talk to him he will tell you he\´s not done. Take your ship and go back to the over world, land it and return - or just wait for awhile. He will have it ready when you return.
Item Duplication Trick:
To duplicate any item which can be equipped in the left or right hand (such as a shield, sword, rod, axe, etc...), first get into battle, making sure that one of your characters has the item that you want duplicated equipped. When that character\´s is prompted to take an action, go to your item list, select any blank space in it, and then select the item you want duplicated (which must be in the left or right hand). This will switch the item with the blank space in the item list. Now leave the item list and then run away from battle. When you try to re-equip the item outside of battle, there will be two of them in your hand at once. Remove the item from your hand again and there will now be two of them in your item list.

Equip Anything you can Steal:
To equip any weapon or shield(that your ninja can SNEAK) on any character, first make sure that you have none of the item that you plan to SNEAK already in your inventory. Now, enter battle and SNEAK from an enemy that will give you a weapon or shield. The next ally available to take an action can now use the ITEM option to equip the stolen weapon or shield, regardless of whether or not that ally belongs to the right character class. This trick only works for the action immediately following SNEAK, so you should use the FORM option before entering battle to set things up right so that the desired character follows after your ninja. If you decide to remove the stolen equipment at a later time, you may not put it back on unless that character could normally do so. In some cases immediately following the battle in which you execute this trick, your statistics may not reflect the new piece of equipment. All you need to do in this case is go to the equip window, and then you come back to the statistics window - everything will be all right. During the battle in which you stole the equipment, if you try using the equipment as an item, strange things will happen, the effect usually being guaranteed elimination of one target.

Getting a Pink Tail:
If you want to find that PINK tail(in order to get the ADAMANT armor - armor which is so unbelievably powerful that it\´s not even funny), prepare to be frustrated. A pink tail can only be obtained from beating a PINKPUFF group, and the only place that you will ever find a pinkpuff is in a tiny room in B5 of the Lunar Sub terrain. To find this room, it is best to start from the last chance saving spot before ZEROMUS on B7. Exit this room and go the left, then back up two floors so that you will be on the bottom of the screen on B5. There will be a small room immediately to the right, and a stairway a little bit further to the left. Enter the room on the right. In this room, there should be a treasure chest on the far right wall which contains a CABIN. Wander around this room for an eternity and run from everything which is not a pinkpuff(if you have a game genie, there exists an item to summon a pinkpuff immediately). There is a small chance that you will win a PINK(tail) from fighting pinkpuffs. In the event that you get lucky and receive the tail, you can take it to the man who collects tails in the mine southeast of Silvera.

Making use of Weaknesses:
Make use of weakness multipliers whenever possible. Often, an area will contain monsters that are weak against the items you can find there. For instance, the path to the lunar core has lots of dragons. Near the entrance you\´ll have the opportunity to sneak artemis arrows from karys. Take 40 or 50 and shoot them at the dragons which cross your path. It will make a big difference.

Unequip those who will leave:
If you know that one of your party members is going to leave you, remove all their equipment before they do. Anything they have when they leave you, you will never see again. One good example of this is making sure that you keep at least one defense sword in your item list before your dragoon betrays you in the sealed cave. Later, you can re-equip him with it, which will be an improvement over the gungnir spear. At the very least, you can resell all the stuff your old characters used to have.

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