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FFxi Game Information

Publisher: Square EA
Developer: Squaresoft
Genre: MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game)
Number of Players: Many
Net Support:Yes
Off-line Play: No
Dual Shock: Yes
Platform: PlayStation2, PC
Japan Release: Available
North American Release: First Quarter of 2003
European Release: 2003

Final Fantasy XI is going to be the very first FF online RPG. The game will cost about $49-$60 ( just an estimate ), plus a monthly fee of about $10 to play it. The game will be released in Japan and the rest of the world at the same time.

Final Fantasy XI is now in production for the PC!! This has been confrimed by both Yoichi Wada himself and Bloomberg News.

Now, this is obviously headline news for all of you RPG fans out there, because I\´ve gotten lots of e-mails from disgruntled FF fans regarding my articles on the PlayOnline service and it\´s infamous monthly fees.

Well, you obviously already have an internet connection via you\´re computer (you couldn\´t be reading this if you didn\´t), so you won\´t have to bother buying that big annoying PlayOnline modem. However, don\´t start jumping for joy just yet. All versions of Final Fantasy XI will be played on Square\´s PlayOnline servers and I\´m not sure if you\´re still going to have pay the much-hated monthly fees or not. I\´ll supply more info as it comes up.

Final Fantasy 11 will be a completely online experience that no other RPG has ever had. Fortunately you will only be able to get a whiff of Final Fantasy 11 if your a Beta Tester for the game. Luckily though we\´ve found some info out on the game. Before you start your adventure you will have to pick your character\´s Race and your appearance. Square has put in a great deal of detail in the character system so there will be allot of styles and features to choose from.

Your races to choose from are Humes - Humans which are all-rounders in the online world. Elven are a tall, strong and pointy eared who make good fighters; and Tatutara - cute cuddly, Hobbity things who are handy when it comes to weaving magic. You can choose to play as either a Male or Female character, and a simple-yet complex set of attributes results in quite and astounding array or possibilities. The world of FF11 has plenty on creatures populating the planet, some trustworthy some completely the opposite. It\´s these evil creatures that threaten the largely peaceful world of Vana Dir. To stop these evil beings you need to explore and find these crystals that keep the good/evil balance in tune. To ensure you never get bored games masters are constantly working on keeping the world populated with evil monsters to fight, and I guess there might be new monster\´s created over time to fight as well!

Oh and of course, the world keeps turning whether you happen to be online or not. Square\´s Playonline service will have some special way of paying the bills for playing FF11. But no solid decision has been made on how we will pay and when it will be released. Be sure to check back for an update when there is more information about Final Fantasy 11.

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