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Manzoor Najar

One of the laws of nature is that non-violence is result-oriented, while violence is destruction-oriented. Therefore, if the individual confines his activities to the field of gentleness and non-violence, his work will yield results, whereas one who opts for the way of violence and intoleranceregresses instead of advancing.
The truth is that whenever anyone opts for the way of intolerance andviolence, his energies are unnecessarily divided between two fronts—internal construction and doing battle with the external foe, whereas one who opts for gentleness and non-violence can devote all his available energy and resources to the one front of internal consolidation alone, and as a natural result, he can achieve a far greater success.
This is the law of nature which is operative in our world. Here if one is to achieve any estimable goal, it will only be by adhering to this system of nature which is entirely based on the principle of peace and non-violence. Therefore, here one can be successful by adhering to, and not by deviating from this law. Non-violent activism can in fact, be equated with positive status quoism.
It is a fact that all worthy feats inthis world have been performed by peaceful endeavour. No great or noble task has ever been carried out by the power of violence. This applies equally to scientific discoveries and technological progress. Neither educational institutions nor research instituteshave ever been established by violent means.
Iron’s conversion into machines and major city planning, have all been done by the power of peace, not of violence. Right from ensuring social welfare to the setting up of the relevant infrastructure—all progressive measures have been carried into effect by peaceful strategies.
Violence per se is destructive and no constructive result can ever come from a destructive act. This is the law of nature and as such is immutable. Another name for non-violence is positive status quoism. It is, to put it another way,a form...

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