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The INLA is a republican organization operating in the north of Ireland. Founded by Seamus Costello on December 8, 1974, the INLA is the armed wing of the Irish Republican Socialist Party (IRSP) (Formed by a unioist counciller) and a splinter group of the OIRA

The OIRA declared a ceasefire and announced its intentions to join the political process. Republican dissent, desiring a continuation of the armed struggle against the british presents in the north of Ireland, broke away from the organization and formed the INLA in 1974.

As an republican organization in the north of Ireland, the INLA espouses a unique ideology of militant republicanism coupled with a Marxist-Leninst political and social approach. The organization fights to unite all 32 counties of Ireland under an independant communist Irish state. Six counties still remain under the oppression of the britist army and loylist terror gangs.

Members of the INLA have conducted attacks against British security forces, RUC ( police force mainly of protestant recruits) and Loylist terror gangs through the use of bombings, assassinations, and armed attacks. The INLAs most publicized attack occurred in may 1979 when they claimed responsiblety for the assassination of Airey Neave, a prominent member of the British Parliament and close political supporter of Margaret Thatcher. Airey Neave was killed by a car bomb shortly before the 1979 election that resulted in the selection of Margaret Thatcher as prime minister. In 1997, three imprisoned members of the INLA assassinated Billy ''King Rat'' Wright, the Loylist Volunteer Force (LVF) leader thought to be an MI5 informant, also ensconed in the Maze prision.

On August 22, 1998, the INLA declared a ceasefire although it remains opposed to the Good Friday Agreement. There ceasefire was called just days after the Omagh bombing in the north of Ireland.

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