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Major Signs


All the Prophet who came into this world foretold the occurrence of the Last Day, which would be also the Day of Resurrection and their prophecies have included several signs which would precede and indicate the approach of that Final Hour. Our Prophet Muhammad Sal-lallaho Alaihe Wasallam being the seal and last in the chain of prophets, detailed even more signs, events and calamities that would come to pass and signal the imminence of the Day of Qiyaamat.

It was necessary for mankind to be informed about these signs so that precautions can be taken against disasters and one’s faith may be preserved.

The following prediction have been collated from the Hadith and presented here, consecutively, according to each one’s expected occurrence:

1. Before Qiyaamat such major events would occur that would induce people to enquire: “ has your Rasullah Sal-lallaho Alaihe Wasallam mentioned anything about this? (Hakim).

2. Thirty great liars would make their appearance and the last from among them would be the one-eyed Massih-Dajjal ( Hakim ).

3. Till the descension of Nabi Essa Alaihis Salaam a righteous group from the ummah will remain steadfastly on the correct and true path without wavering or being bothered about their opposition (Ibn Asakir, Muslim).

4. The final Ameer to lead this group would be Imam Mahdi(Muslim).

5. Imam Mahdi would be a pious Muslim from the family of Rasullah Sal-lallaho Alaihe Wasallam and descent of Nabi Essa Alaihis Salaam will occur during his lifetime.

6. A Muslim army comprising Allah’s beloved people would wage war against India and become victorious. Upon their return to Syria they would find Nabi Essa Alaihis Salaam already descended (Nasai, Kanz).

7. The Romans would declare war against the Muslims. The Muslim Army will then be dispatched from Madinah to defend Islam and protect the Muslims. When the two armies face each other, the Romans would demand the return of their prisoners. When the Muslims refuse, fighting will commence and in the ensuing battle, a third from the Muslims will flee and their repentance (Towbah) will not be accepted, another third would be made shaheed, becoming the best of the martyrs. The remainder of the Muslims would gain victory and thereby also gain protection against all future trials (Muslim).

8. Following the defeat of the Romans, the Muslim army will conquer Constantia (Constantinople) (Muslim).

9. This group will depart hastily after hearing the false rumour about the coming out of Dajjal. However, by the time they reach Shaam (Syria), Dajjal would really emerge (Muslim).

10. Prior to the emergence of Dajjal there would be three different occasions when people would become dreadfully alarmed and terrified (Ahmad).

11. At the time of Dajjal’s appearance there would be very few pious people but dispute and difference would be rife. (Hakim).

12. The followers of Dajjal would comprise mainly women and also jews who would be about 70,000 in number. (Ahmad).

13. Dajjal will appear to be young with curly hair and having pigmentation like that of wheat. His both eyes would be defective with the left one completely blind and the right one popping out. Upon his forhead would be inscribed “ KAFIR ” and every believers even though illiterate will be able to read it. (Ahmad, Hakim ).

14. He will be mounted upon an ass and would be able to move rapidly like the clouds and wind. Very swiftly he would travel around the world carrying mischief and devastation. Makkah, Madina and Baitul Muqaddas ( Jerusalem ) will be safe ( Muslim, Ahmad ).

15. At that time Madinah will have seven roads leading to it, and both Makkah and Madinah would be guarded by angels. ( Ahmad, Ibn Majah ).

16. Women would be the first to support and follow Dajjal. ( Majma-Uz-Zawaid ).

17. The fitnah and pillage of Dajjal would be of the worst kind ever to afflict mankind. Hence every Nabi Alaihis Salaamhas warned his nation about it. ( Ibn Majah ).

18. In the beginning Dajjal will claim to be a Prophet but would later proclaim Divinity and he will have with him a mountain of provision ( foodstuffs and water ).

19. The hidden treasures of the earth would follow his orders and come out into the open. Dajjal will also be able to cure those who had been blind since birth. ( Fathul Bari ).

20. Dajjal will be accompanied two shaytaans who would converse with man( Hakim ).

21. On other side of Dajjal would be two angels who will materialize and take the form and shape of two Prophets of former ummats. Turning towards them, Dajjal will question “ Am not your Rabb and God ?” Do I not give life and cause death ?” One of the angels will respond by exclaiming “ You Are Lying ” Unfortunately this reply would be audible only to Dajjal and the other angel and no other person will hear it. The second angel will then tell his partner “ You Have Spoken The Truth. ” However, this answer will be heard by everyone who will assume that this is the reply to Dajjal’s questions. (This confusion would be a further test for mankind) (Ahmad).

22. Whosoever accepts and believe in Dajjal would become Kafir and all his good deeds of past would be reduced to nought; and those who reject and defy Dajjal would gain forgiveness for all sins. (Hakim).

23. All those following Dajjal will enjoy great comforts, luxuries and abundance (provided by Dajjal) whilst those who reject him will undergo many difficulties (Muslim, Ahmad).

24. No one will have the power and ability to destroy Dajjal besides Nabi Essa Alaihis Salaam
(Abu Dawood).

25. Whosoever recite upon Dajjal the first ten verses of Surah Kahf, he will be protected from the fitnah and trials of Dajjal to such an extent that even if Dajjal flings him into fire, it would become cool for him. ( Muslim ).

26. To strike belief into a youth, Dajjal will first severe his body into two with a sword and thereafter, through the Will of Allah, restore him back to life. He will then ask the lad, “ Who is your Rabb ?” The youngster will reply : “ My Rabb is Allah. You are Dajjal, the enemy of Allah and today my belief in Allah has become stronger.” ( Muslim, Ibn Majaah ).

27. With the exception of the one youth, Dajjal will not have the ability or power to revive anyone else after killing ( Ahmad ).

28. Dajjal fitnah will last for forty days, one day of which will be equal to a year, another day would equal a month and third day will equal one week. The remaining days will be normal. ( Muslim ).

29. The Believers will be assembled on “ Jabal-ud-Dukhan ” and Dajjal will be by the gate of “ Lud ” ( Ahmad, Ibn Majaah ).

30. Dajjal will besiege a group of Muslims. This siege will create enormous problems, difficulties, poverty and famine for the Muslims. ( Hakim ).

31. Finally Dajjal will appear in Jordan. At that time all the Believers will be in the Valley of Jordan. Dajjal will kill one-third of the Muslims and again defeat another third. Thus only a third of the Muslims would survive. ( Hakim ).

32. When this siege of the Valley of Jordan becomes very long and arduous, the Ameer of the Muslims Imaam Mahdi Radiyallahu Anh will declare war. That night would turn out to be very dark and at the time of Fajr, Nabi Essa Alaihis Salaamwould descend with his hands on the shoulders of two angels ( Hakim, Muammar, Ahmad, Muslim ).

33. Nabi Essa Alaihis Salaamwill resemble the famous Sahabie, Urwah Ibn Masood ( r.a. ) and his colour would be reddish-white and he would be of everage height. His shoulder-length hair would be shinning and straight. (Ibn Jareer, Abu Dawood).

34. He would be clad in an armour. (Muammar).

35. The descension of Nabi Essa Alaihis Salaam will occur in midst of a very pious group of people comprising 800 men and 400 women. When requested, Nabi Essa Alaihis Salaamwould introduce himself. (Dailami, Muammar).

36. At that moment, Imaam Mahdi Radiyallahu Anh would have already stepped forward to lead the congregation in Salaah. He would immediately step back to allow Nabi Essa Alaihis Salaamto take over the lead but Nabi Essa Alaihis Salaam will bid him to continue. (Ibn Majaah, Muslim).

37. After Fajr Salaah, Nabi Essa Alaihis Salaam will order to open the door behind which Dajjal would be stationed with his army. Then Nabi Essa Alaihis Salaam will indicate with his hands that the path should be cleared leaving nobody between him and Dajjal. At the sight of Nabi Essa Alaihis Salaam Dajjal will begin to melt. (Hakim, Muslim).

38. The breath of Nabi Essa Alaihis Salaamwould have such force and vigour that it would travel even as far as the line of sight, and all those from amongstthe disbelievers who are effected by this “ spray ” of his breath, would die. (Hakim).

39. A full scale war will begin and during the battle, Dajjal will attempt to escape. Nabi Essa Alaihis Salaamwill pursue and kill him at the gate of “ Lud ” which is in Israeli-occupied Palestine.

40.There will be no protection whatsoever for Jews siding Dajjal because even the trees and rocks behind which they would attempt to hide, will call out : “ Behind me is a Jew…..come and kill him !” (Ibn Majaah).

41. Nabi Essa Alaihis Salaam and the Muslims will break all CROSS and destroy the PIG. (i.e. annihilate Christianity) (Muslim).

42. Nabi Essa Alaihis Salaamwill proceed for Hajj and visit Madina where he will offer greetings to our Nabi Muhammad Sal-lallaho Alaihe Wasallam who will reply. (Hakim).

43. Mankind will be living in peace and comfort when suddenly, “ Yajooj Majooj ” will break the wall behind which they are presently fortified. (Hakim).

44. Allah ( Subhanahu Wata’ala ) will order Nabi Essa Alaihis Salaam to take the Muslims and seek refuge upon Mount Tur because there would be none capable of fighting against Yajooj Majooj who would be in great numbers, wreaking havoc wherever they go. They would empty all the rivers in their path drinking all the water until they would say to themselves: “ We have overpowered the inhabitants of the earth so let us turn to the sky.” (Muslim, Hakim).

45. Nabi Essa Alaihis Salaamwill remain trapped with his companions upon mount Tur where they would be facing acute shortages due to the siege. (Muslim).

46. Allah ( Subhanahu Wata’ala ) will the accept the Du’aa of Nabi Essa Alaihis Salaamand destroy Yajooj Majooj by infesting their necks with worms which would cause their bodies to burst. (Muslim).

47. After further Du’aas by Nabi Essa Alaihis Salaamand all Muslims, Allah ( Subhanahu Wata’ala ) will despute gigantic birds to pick up the bodies of Yajooj Majooj and cast them in the sea. This would be followed by heavy rains that would cleanse the ground. (Muslim).

48. After his descension, Nabi Essa Alaihis Salaamwould be Khalifa of our Beloved Nabi Muhammad (Sal-lallahu alaihe Wasallam) and therefore, would practise upon the Qur’aan and Sunna and also exhort other to do likewise.(Durr-e-Manthur, Ahmad).

49. Nabi Essa Alaihis Salaamwill live for forty years after his descension. ( Abu ...
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