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The characteristics of Dajjal and his actions.

Dajjal will have only one eye. He will claim to be the lord. On his head the letters K, F, R, (Kaaf, Feh, Reh) will be written, meaning Kafir (infidel), and this will be read by all Muslims, but it will not be seen by the infidels. He will travel very fast. In forty days he will travel all the world except ‘Harmain Sharifain’ (the two holy mosques in Makkah and Madinah). Within these forty days the first day will be the length of one year, the second day will be the length of one month, the third will be the length of one week and the rest will each be twenty four hours long. His mischief will be very demanding. He will have with him, one garden and one place of fire. He will call these Jannat and Dozakh and wherever he goes he will take them with him. His Jannat will really be fire and his Dozakh will really be a place for rest. He will order people to believe him as the lord. Whoever believes him as the lord he will put them into his Jannat, and whoever rejects him, he will throw them into his Dozakh. He will bring back to life the dead. He will make rainfall. He will order the earth and it will grow crops. He will go into areas of desolation. The treasures of these areas will be with him like bees are with flowers. He will show all kinds of miracles like these, which really will be nothing but magic and illusions. Really there will be nothing with him and that is why when he disappears everything will disappear with him and people with have nothing. When he will want to go to ‘Harmain Sharifain’ the angels will force his face to another direction. He will have a whole army of Jews with him.

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