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Meezan is also fact. This is a weighing implement and will have two scales. Peoples good and bad deeds will be put on these and weighed. The good deeds scale being heavy means that it will rise, opposite to the scales in this world.

Siraat is also fact. This is a bridge which goes over Dozakh. It is thinner than a hair and sharper than a sword. It will be the only way into Jannat. Everyone will have to walk across it. Infidels/Kafirs will not be able to walk across it and will fall into Dozakh. Muslims will be able to go across it. Some will go across as fast as lighting, was here one second, and there in another second. Some will go across like a gust of wind. Some will go across at the speed of a fast horse. Some will go across slowly, slowly, and some will struggle, shake, tremble, crawl etc. depending upon their deeds, they will ago across.

Hauz-e-Kausar (pool of water) has been given to our Holy Prophet Salallaho Alaihi Wasallam as a gift. It is also a fact, and it’s length is as long as a month distance of travel and it as long as it is wide. It’s edges are made of gold and have arches made of pearls. It’s base is made of musk and it’s water is whiter than milk and sweeter than honey and fragrance is nicer than perfume. If you drink it’s water once you will never be thirsty again. The implements of drinking water from it are more in quantity than stars. There will be two streams running off into Jannat, one made of gold and the other silver.

Allah Ta’ala will give his beloved Prophet Muhammad Salallaho Alaihi Wasallam Muquam-e-Mehmood (Grade of praise). This is where the people from before and after him will praise him. (Will speak highly of him).

This is a flag which will be given to our master Hazrat Muhammad Salallaho Alaihi Wasallam. Under this all the Muslims from Hazrat Adam Alaihi Salaam to the day of Qayamat will gather, Prophets, Walis etc. etc.

Jannat is a very large and very beautiful place. It has been made by Allah Ta’ala for Muslims. It’s walls have been made of bricks of gold and silver and it’s cement is made of musk. The ground is made of saffron and ambergris (a wax like substance). Instead of stones there will be diamonds and pearls. To house the residents of Jannat, there are mansions and large conservatories made of pearls, diamonds and beautiful jewellery. Each level is as large in breadth as the sky to the ground. It’s doors are so wide that a fast horse would have to run seventy years to get from one side to another. There will be so many gifts in Jannat that you would not dream or think about. There will be different types of fruits, milk, honey, wine (sweet smelling non alcoholic) and other nice types of food. Jannatees will be given clothes so beautiful that no-one in this world will have ever had fate to wear. For assistance, thousands of clean, pure servants will be available and for company, beautiful “Hoorehs” (princesses) whose beauty will be so much that if one actually looked towards this world the people just by looking at her beauty and shining face would become unconscious. As for health, you will never sleep, nor will you ever become ill nor will anyone ever have a worry or nor will you ever die. There will never be any sort of difficulties, in fact there will be every type of rest and ever desire will be fulfilled. The biggest gift of all will be to see Allah Ta’ala.

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