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O! اللَّه

Humaa badias samaawaati wal ardhi dhaljalaali wal ikraam wal ezzatil lati laa tooraamu asalooka Yaa اللَّه
Yaa Rahmaan bijalaalika wa noori wajhika antulzima qalbi hifza kitaabika Kamaa allamtani warzuqni anatluwahu alannawil ladhi yurdheeka anni wa'an tunawwira bikitaabi baswari wa'an tutlikabihi lisaani wa'an tufarrijabihi anqalbi wa'an tashrahabihi swadri wa'an tasta'milabihi badani fainnahu laa you'eenuni alalhaqqi ghairruka walaa y'uteehi illaa anta.
O اللَّه
The Originator of The Heavens and The Earth, Majestic and Benevolent, the Possessor of Dignity which may not even be conceived of for any one else, I beg of Thee, O اللَّه
O The Most Beneficent by the Majesty and Effulgence of Thy Face that Thou be pleased to capacitate my heart for learning Thy Book by memory as Thou has given knowledge of it to me and grant me that I may be able to recite it in a manner which is pleasing to Thee, and that Thou be plaesed to illumine my eyes with the light of Thy Book, to issue its text from my tongue, to remove the grief of my heart with it, to enlighten my mind with it, and to make me bodily dedicated for acting upon it: Surely None can help me realise the truth except Thee and none else can give such talent to me besides Thee.O اللَّه
We beg of Thee to grant this request to each and every ummati of our beloved Nabee (
صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ )through Thy Grace and Mercy آمين

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