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truth islam

Equality of Man and Woman


Equality of Man and Woman
The religion of Islam gave women an honorable status and true dignity. Before the advent of Islam, women had no rights of any kind, or an independent identity in any form. The great importance of the Muslim woman’s role – whether as wife, sister, or daughter, and the rights that are due to herand the rights that are due from her – have been explained in the Glorious Qur'an, and further details of this have been explained in the purified Sunnah.
With the advent of Islam came the verse from the Qur'an condemning those who practiced female infanticide: “And when one among of them receives the glad tidings of a daughter, hisface turns black for the day, and he remains seething. Hiding from the people because of the evil of the tidings;"Will he keep her with disgrace, or bury her beneath the earth?"; pay heed! Very evil is the judgment they impose!” [Surah an-Nahl : 58/59]
The Holy Qur'an makes no distinction between man and woman as regards to the fundamental human rights. Here we may specifically state that woman, like man, is the possessor of free personality, and enjoys equality with man, in respect of:
Her spiritual and moral status:
The Qur'an says: “…Unto men the benefit of what they earn (of virtue) and unto women the benefit of what they earn (of virtue)” [Surah al-Nisa : 32]
i.e. in matters of spiritualgrace both, man and woman, enjoy equal status and are independent of one another. A woman’s responsibility in faith is exactly the same as that of a man. Women are to pray, fast, give charity, perform the pilgrimage and perform other formsof Ibadah. A woman is rewarded for this just like a man. A woman must believe in the Oneness of Almighty Allah, the Books of Almighty Allah , the Angels of Almighty Allah,the Prophets of Almighty, the Day of Resurrection, the Day of Judgment and Heaven and Hell, and Predestination.
Her economic rights:
The Qur'an says: “Unto the men (of a family) belongs a...
What do you think what is woman freedom ? Islam not allow for sex to other man like kaushalya, sumitra , kekaye , kunti etc .
Mr fake you are asking to Allah ? It means you need not my reply right ? I have i question for you . Why you all anti muslims using fake ids to show your dirty feelings.
17.02.2013 09:19 EST,
Am not really a muslim but nice text
14.02.2013 17:34 EST,

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