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Here are a few of my jokes to put a smile on your face 8)

One day an indian chief had problems going to the toilet. So he sent one of his warriors to go see the witch doctor to get some medicine.
So the warrior went to the witch doctor and told him BIG CHIEF NO SHIT. The witch doctor gave him 1pill and said the chief will be ok tomorrow. The next day the warrior came back to the witch doctor and again said BIG CHIEF NO SHIT so the witch doctor gave him 5pills for the chief. The warrior once again went to see the witch doctor and told him again BIG CHIEF NO SHIT the doctor got annoyed and gave him 30pills and once again the warrior went back to the chief.

The next morning the warrior came to the witch doctors house But this time he said........BIG SHIT NO CHIEF

A woman in a jewellers breaks wind bending over to look at a beautiful diamond ring. She looks round, embarrassed, and sees the salesman standing right behind her. Totally professional, he says "good day madam, how may i help you?" hoping he maybe hadn't heard her 'accident', she asks "sir, whats the price of this lovely ring?" He answers, "madam, if you farted just looking at it, you're going to shit yourself when i tell you the price!"

An english man, irish man and a pakistani man go to prison for 20years. Before they serve their sentence they all get 1 wish. So the english man says I WANT LOADS OF WOMEN and his wish is accepted. The irish man says I WANT LOADS OF BOOZE he also gets his wish. The pakistani man says I WANT LOADS OF CIGARETTES and he too gets his wish. 20years later the gates are opened for them and they are free to go. The english man comes out with loads of kids, the irish man comes out drunk and singing,
The pakistani man comes out and says........LIGHTER HAI (have you got a lighter)

Thank you for Upgrading your brain. We are now going to do a brain search SEARCHING SEARCHIN still SEARCHING sorry no brain was found please try again 8P

Send me your jokes and i will put the best ones on.

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