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+Five Unpredictable Things+

(Q): In the Qur’an it has been mentioned that no one besides God knows the sex of the child in the mothers womb. However modern science have developed certain tests by which we can determine the sex of the child in the Qur’an?

Ans: I do agree that there are many medical tests for example, Amiocentencis, ultra sonography, which can determine the sex of child. So is it a scientific error in the Qur’an?????????? Question refers to verse from Surah Luqmaan, Ch. No. 31, Verse No. 34, which says... ‘Only Allah knows the hour that is the day of judgement, no one besides Allah knows the day of judgement, when will it rain, what is in the womb of the mother, what will a person earn, and where will he die’. These five things no one besides Allah (SWT) knows. Main question is that Qur’an says that no one besides Allah knows the sex of the child in the womb. The misconception is because there are a few translation, there are a few translations especially the Urdu translation which has mentioned that no one besides Allah knows the sex of the child in the womb. In the Arabic the sex is not mentioned. The Qur’an says no one besides Allah knows what is in the womb. The Qur’an does not refer here to sex, it refers to how will the child be? Will he be honest? Will he be dishonest? Will he be a boon for the society? Will he be a bane for society? What will he become? Will he be an engineer? Will he be a doctor? And believe me with all your medical scientific knowledge you can never tell in advance what will a person. That is a mistranslation. Regarding the other criteria’s what about day of judgement. There are people who predicted. It had come in the Times of India that in November 1992 there was a Korean church, which said that the world is going to end in November 1992. All the people who followed that church came there, nothing happened. We are yet living and the people ran away with the money. No one knows when the world is going to end. Regarding rain, some people will say science has developed. By weather forecast bureau you can say where it is going to rain when it is going to rain. You know how, how accurate the rains are, how accurate the weather forecast bureaus are especially in India. Okay some may say America. America they are perfect. Okay for the sake of argument agree. Give them rope to hang themselves. The weather forecast bureau when they tell you when and how much is going to rain they tell you on the basis of looking at the clouds and analyzing what is the speed of wind when it will fall. It is nothing great, the rain is already present in the cloud. It is nothing great. The rain is already present in the cloud. The great part will be if the weather forecast bureau can tell today when and where is it going to rain exactly 200 years afterward. I challenge any weather forecast bureau to say in advance 200 years in advance where which part of the world exactly how much is going to rain, they will never be able to do it. Regarding when will a person die. Some people can say yes see I will commit suicide, I will die here. Most of the cases of people who commit suicide they fail, majority. How many people are going to commit suicide, hardly, just a negligible amount and those majority of the people who try to commit suicide majority are not successful. After they take poison they go and tell somebody else and they are rushed to the hospital. When they jump they see where there is safe landing. And even if you jump, if Allah wants to save you he can save you. If you die it is with his permission not without his permission. Regarding the last part point, no one knows how much he is going to earn. You may say see brother Zakir I know that I earn two thousand, I earn two thousand rupees a month, see the Qur’an is wrong. The Qur’an does not talk about earning here, in money, it talks about ‘taksee’. The word ‘taksee’ in Arabic can also mean earning good deeds and bad deeds. It does not only means salary and even if you say that I give charity, look you can never know how much ‘sawaab’ you are getting how much blessing you are getting. You will never know how much blessing you will get by doing a good act and how much sin how much negative points you get by doing a bad deed. Everything is kept intact in the record of Allah (SWT).

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