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The world that we live in is a place for testing eveyone. This test last throughout our lives and takes every single action we do and word we say. To help us pass this test; all the recources of this world are at our disposal. We have freedom to use these,as we have the wisdom and knowledge to appreciate them, and distinguish between which are right and helpful, and which are wrong and ruinous.Above all, we have been given rules and regulation and regulation that will guarantee a 'pass' if they are followed strictly with the correct attitude. The life in this world is the only chance we have to prepare for the life in the next. The life on the earth is temporary and we have no knowledge what so ever of when it may end .So we should exploit every minutes of our lives,every object at our is disposal,and every piece of guidance that we have to improve and to continue to improve our lot in the enternal life to come. It stands to reason then that if this world is test,there should come at time a when the test will stop for all, and when the results will be announced and explained. Another piece of logical thinking is that when we look around us today, we see much injustice.There are some people devote lives to preaching the message of god but who are not rewarded on earth. They see their own families butchared in front of them;they are expelled from their home and their country while the rest of world is silent,they endure hardship and are killed because they will not trade their faith for life of ease.And there are those who violate every single set by god, but who live and die in luxury and comfort Our instinctive demand for justice makes us realize that if in this world the people are not punished or rewarded according to their deeds there must come a time when divine justice will .life to all the people right from adam to the last humanbeing and divine justice will be carried out whereby people will be reawarded or punished according to deeds committed by them in the life of the world. Allah has provided all the necessary help and guidance for mankind to prepare in this world for the life after death.To guide him to the right path allah has sent his prophets with full and detailed guidance. Every time his guidness was forgotten,distorted and changed,He sent another with another prophet with his guidance.Finally he sent his complete guidance via his last prophet MUHAMMED(S.A.W) and told mankind that they will punished in the life after death if they did not follow his guidance. It is mandatory upon all muslims to believe in the Hereafter. Those who do not believe automatically nullify their Belief in allah. Both the Qur'an and Hadith (Saying of prophet-pbuh) have numerous descriptions of Heaven and Hell, and signs that signal the coming of the end. Among the minor signs regarding the hour, which have already come to pass are:
1.The arrival of the last prophet
2.When slave girls give the birth to their mistresses
3.Increase in earth quakes,and
4.The barefooted naked,destitute herdsmen compete constructing lofty buildings.

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