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>History-oF - Valentine<

Ever Wonder Who St, Valentine Was ? or Whey So Many People Get All Mushy Around The Second WEEK ,oF FABRUARY ,Here is A Brief Synopsis ..... St, Valentine Was Two Actually People (,THAT WERE N't Romanticlly Involved,) who Were Martyred On the Same Day ,( C.270 )Feasts Commemorating Them Were Celebrated On 14 Fabruary ,one Was A Priest And physician ,Who Died In Rome During ,The Persecuation OF Christians ,By claudius ll Grothicus , the Other was The Bishon At Terni, italy ,who Was Also Martyred in Rome ,BoTH Have Been Buried At Different Places ,Along The Flaminian Way , ...So WHEY DO PEOPLE SEND VALENTINES ,And -LOVE- Tokens To One Onother On That Day, The Origin of That Tradition is Not Thought ,To Have Any Connection With The Saint,s Day ,RATHER it comez Fron An Early Euroeian ,Believf That The Second WEEK OF Fabruary Was When Birds Began To Mate,the idea Suggests ,That LOVERS Shuld Probably ,Exchange NOTES And GiFFTS , On February 14 in Conjunction with What Nature Practiced , .. Nowadays VALENTINS Day is Observed As A SPECIAL Day For LOVE AND ROMANCE , This Topic is One OF The Oldest ,And PROBABLY Most Discussed ,issues in History ,as Chiristains .. We Know That Love ,ORIGINATES FROM GOD , and That GOD is Love , ,, ,,(in 269 ,A.D The Roman Empire honored Juno, The GOdDESS of Women And Marriage ,on 14th February ,The Next Day The festival oF LuperCALIA Began At, This Festival All The Girls ,Names Would Be Writen on Paper and Placed into Jars , Each Guy Would Draw A Girlz Name,s Then They Would Be A Couple For The Durration of The Festival , Sometimes The Pair Lasted an Entire Year ,in Wich They Were likly To Fall in LOVE ,And Be Married Durring This Time ,Cluadeus ll Was The Emperore of Rome ,He Liked War But Had A Hard Time Building, An Army Cluadius Tought it was Becouse Men Didn't Want To Leave Theire wives And Familise ,So He Banned All Marriages ,But Saint VELENTINE ,A Roman Catholic Pariest , Continued To Perform Marriages in Secret ,His Good Deeds Come To an End When He Was Cought And sentenced To Die, While in Jail ,He Fall in LOVE With The Jailer,s Doughter ,and On February 14 .270 ,A.D The Day oF Hs Death ,He Her A Note Of Signed ,FROM YOUR VALENTINE ,( in 469 .a.D February 14th ,Was Set Aside To Honor ,St/Valentine , VALENTIN,s Day is Not Just About Flowers ,Choclates And Sappy Cards ,its Not About Red Hearts ,And White Teddy Bears ,And It,s Definitely Not About Copiud ... Valentine day is About LOVE , A LOVE Chat Can't Be Commercialized ,That Can't Be Bought ,A LOVE That Seems Elusive ,yet Most OF Us Continue to Search for it ,We Want To Expirience For Love Becouse its A Power Full Pure Emotion , and We're Told in The Bible that Love Never Be Fails, ( 1 Corinthians 13:8:/ The Crozz Of Calvary is Proof That The Love OF GOD Never Fail, The Splintered Wood, The Nails, The Crown OF Thorns, The Painfull Death oF Jensus , Evidence oF The Greatist Sacrifice ,SO We Would Know The Meaning OF LOVE ,This Valentin,s Day, Show Love , Give A Card To Your Enemy ,Be Nice To The Guy who Cuts In The Lunch Line ,, Smile At The Girl Who Never smiles , And Most IMPORTANTLY ,Love The Way Christ Loves Us ..(C) Copyright ,

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