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TU-144 ´Concordski´

The History of the Russain SST

The TU-144, dubbed, Concordski, was built by the Soviet. (Russians) In the race to build a Supersonic passenger plane. The early design of the TU-144 looked in a way, like Concorde. The wings were sort of the same shape as Concorde, although the curves were not as smooth and as complex as Concordes.
Even the engines housing and air intakes looked like Concordes. But to me they look too close together and Sir George Edwards CHAIRMAN of BAC pointed that out to the Russains. When many people saw the TU-144, they all thought she looked much like the Concorde and rumours started to circulate that the KGB stole or rather copied the plans of the British/French Concorde project. Anyway, The TU-144 was supposed to be capable of carrying 121 passengers at a speed of Mach 2.35 (1,550mph) thats faster than Concorde.
On 3 December 1968 the TU-144, or Corcordski, made her maiden flight, thats two months before Concorde. When Concordski turned up for the 1973 Paris Airshow she seemed to look even more like Concorde, because she was redesigned. The wings were more pulled back like the wings of Concorde. The engines had been moved outwards and she had two ear flaps otherwise known as Canards.
But the Concordski sadly crashed at the 1973 airshow. Ive seen the video footage of this and It seemed that the pilot was pushing her to far for such a plane and put a lot of stress on the airframe, there was a strange noise just before she blew up. Many have said she was trying to recover from a dive.
The wreckage of Concordski spread over miles and even though NOT involed with the crash, Concordes image was scarred. People were starting to doubt the safety of Supersonic air travel. The TU-144 I think did run a passenger service for a while. But anyway, since the crash Concordski entered a service between Moscow and Alma-Ata. She carried mail and freight at a speed of Mach 2.05, at about 52,500ft. Wow express airmail or what, maybe the RoyalMail could use Concorde for a mail service. In 1985 or much sooner the TU-144, Concordski went out of service.
There was an unconfirmed report that there was another crash or accident with the TU-144, Concordski, but was probaly covered up by the Soviet. If Concordski did make it into successfull service her engines probaly would not be efficient enough to fly transatlantic distances.
Even though yet again Concorde had beaten another countrys SST, I think that Concordski is the only other SST to become almost successfull against Concorde, and I think that Concordski is the only SST other than Concorde to look so beautifal, although I think Concorde is more beautifal. The TU-144 was dubbed Concordski because it looked like Concorde.
*There was also a lot of Speculation that the French tried to mess up the TU-144 Concordski Air show flight. The French shortened the Concordski flight time at the last minute and they sent up a plane to take photographs of Concordski with out telling the Russains. This means the pilot of Concordski did not know the was a plane flying above.
Anyway, In the 1990s Concordski was back. She was to be used for tests. The Russians had teamed up with the Americans to see if they could build a Next Generation SST. They used Concordski as a sort of labortory to build up research for this next generation SST.

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