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*Yet Y0u D0nt*

U say u really like me, n that u neva wana hurt me, yet u d0nt wana b wit me! U h0ld me cl0se, caress me, n sh0 my b0dy thingz itz neva seen, yet u d0nt wana get 2 deep! U whisper n my ear, kiss me s0ftly, l0ok me n my eyes n say that u want me, yet u d0nt wana l0ve me! U put ur handz 0n my face, ar0und my waist, n walk wit me like im ur w0man, yet u d0nt see wut i see! U lay me d0wn, tell me ur 0nly wit me n this way, n kiss 0n me like ur n lust wit me, yet u dunt really want me!
U make me happy, give me a reas0n 2 0pen my heart, n im wantin ta give it ta u, yet u d0nt want it! I fe0 that i want u, wana b wit u, n call u my man, yet u d0nt want wut i want! ur s0 sweet, s0 caring, n u kn0 h0w 2 l0ve, yet u d0nt wana share that wit me! Everytime we r intimate, u act as if im betta than tha rest, that ive made u fe0 great, yet u d0nt care like i d0! i want tha chance ta sh0 u h0w i fe0, ta give u all 0f me, n b everything u need, yet u d0nt wana give me that chance!
S0 tell me wutz 0n ur mind, tell me y u d0 me like this, act like u need me, n yet u d0nt.....


We sit n w0nder ab0ut wut tha future will bring, h0pe n pray that we get that 0ne special thing. S0me want fame n all tha m0ney they can get, 0therz gamble all they g0t ta see whea they end up at. We ask 0urselvez were we might b n 5 yrz, but if we keep d0in wut we d0 we'll b dr0wnin n 0ur tearz!

~*D0 Y0u Think Im Crazy?*~

I see ur name 0n a screen, n tha picture 0f a pers0n that cant really b seen, yet I care 4 u like ur right next ta me, I try 2 tell u but u d0nt understand n u cant see, h0w culd I feel deeply b0ut u, yet try n just b friendz wit u 2, u already l0ve sum1 else n th0se feelingz w0nt change, but i wana share feelingz wit u n make that exchange, u talk b0ut her 2 me, n h0w that truly makez me feel u will neva see, I sit back n smile like im fine wit it all, but deep inside my heart takez a fall,
2 hea u talk b0ut h0w much ur n l0ve, that makez me feel like my l0ve life iz all push n sh0ve, I need a guy like u n my life, maybe that wuld releave all my pain n strife, im n0t askin u 2 l0ve me, 0r even have th0se deep feelingz 4 me, I just want u 2 kn0 n understand, n maybe n tha pr0cess 0ur friendship will expand, d0 u think im crazy 4 feeling this way? cuz ill feel tha same day after day!

~*When I*~

When I look n2 ur eyes, I see tha person I alwayz dreamed of having, Tha 1 n my life who I alwayz knew I culd trust, Tha 1 who wuld neva betray me. When I hea ur voice, I hea tha person who lovez me no matta wut I do, Tha 1 who comfortz me when I need him, Tha 1 who soothz my pain. When I see ur smile, I see tha person who alwayz putz that same smile upon my face, Tha 1 who laughz n it brightenz my day, Tha 1 whoz smile getz me weak nda kneez. When I think bout u, I see tha person I want 2 spend tha rest of my life wit, Tha one who I give my heart 2, Tha 1 who I can never let go.

~*When We First Started Out*~

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