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< The Jedi Order >

Founded as a philosophical study group,the Jedi Order has its origins in the earliest days of the Republic,many millennia in the distant past.The ancient Jedi spent centuries contemplating the mysterious energy field known as the Force.They became masters at manipulating this energy,and chose to use their skills for good and to help those in need.For 25,000 years,the Jedi served as peacemakers of the Galactic Republic,and their interplanetary exploits were legendary. Because emotional attachments could distract Jedi from their missions,and selfishness and desire could lead to the dark side of the Force,many traditions evolved to help maintain the stability of the Order.Marriage was actively discouraged with very few exceptions,and Jedi initiates were rarely older than six months when they began their training.
In the New Republic era,the New Jedi Order have abandoned some of there traditions,but the Jedi's commitment to promoting peace and justice in the galaxy remains unchanged.

<Finding Potential Jedi>
In the Republic era,it was considered to be dangerous for potential Jedi to begin training during adolescene as their establised character traits could lead them to the dark side of the Force.Recruiters narrowed their search to newborns and infants with high midi-chlorian counts.At the Jedi Temple,Jedi training began during infancy,before the initiate had experienced fear and anger.Many families considered it an honor to have a child adopted,but some refused to give up their child,and regarded the Jedi as baby snatchers.

<The Will of the Force>
Microscopic life forms called midi-chlorians reside within all living cells.They communicate with the Force,revealing it's will,and a high midi-chlorian count indicates great Jedi potential.

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