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< Core Force Powers >

<Core Force Powers>
The Core powers are the first a Jedi or Sith learns,and for the most part,directly affect his own body or objects without actually harming or benefiting other people.Also known as Universal powers,Core powers are usually not associated with any particular side.

<Force Push/Pull>
Telekinetic abilities to push or pull objects away,as well as enemies.

<Force Strike>
To a large extent,Force Push and Force Strike are the same power,with Strike being the more destructive version.Often considered to have traces to the Dark side due to its more aggressive usage.

<Force Telekinesis>
The ability to lift objects and move them,including the wielder and enemies,in a desired direction.

<Force Telepathy>
The ability to mentally communicate over small or vast distances.

<Force Jump>
Uses the Force to augment user's natural leaping ability.Force users adept in this can perform incredible vertical/horizontal leaps with impunity.

<Force Speed>
Makes the user able to maintain sprinting speeds for as long as the effect lasts.It seems that the power may bend the subjective time of the user making everything else seem slower.

<Force Sense>
Used within the Jedi Order to sense the future,possible danger,person's location or the presence of the Dark side.

<Force Sight>
Enhances the bearer's visual and spatial perception in the dark or behind walls.

<Force Farsight>
Makes the mind of the Jedi fly through space and perceive all around.This allows the user to see events over great distances that are occuring.

<Force Psychometry>
The mental technique of picking up impressions and traces of information about the object touched and the events that have surrounded it.

<Force Precognition>
The ability to sense extreme danger and receive warning to defend against the thread.

<Force Suppression>
This power completely breaches any Force defenses on a target and last for a period of time on a target.

<Force Saber Throw>
Allows the hurling of a Lightsaber like a boomerang,cutting its way through objects and returning to the hand of the user with Force Pull.

<Force Cloak>
This power channels the Force to bend light around the user,rendering him invisible to others.

<Force Battle Meditation>
This power can influence the course of an entire battle,raising the morale of allies,and sapping the will to fight from enemies.

<Force Battlemind>
Through the focus of this power,one's morale and fighting spirit is augmented.

<Force Malacia>
A rare Jedi power that induced extreme nausea and dizziness in its victim.

<Force Morichro>
This ability puts an opponent in a suspended state by shutting down particular bodily systems.

<Force Resistance>
This power offers protection from some direct Force power attacks,entirely negating their harmful effects.

<Force Energy Resistance>
This power shields the user from various energy attacks.However,it does not shield users from Force powered attacks.

<Force Block>
The user either effectively forms a wall around an opponent using the Force and renders them powerless and blind to the Force,or remove them from their connection to the Force completely.

<Force Beast Trick>
The ability to distracts a feral creature,making it easy for the user to sneak past it.

<Force Body>
Force Body enables the user to drain his own health reserves to partly fuel his Force powers for a brief period of time.

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