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< Light Force Powers >

<Light Force Powers>
To the Light side are powers who benefit the Jedi personally by protecting or defending him.Those that affect others often make no direct or permanent harm to targets,but rather help the Jedi overcome them in peaceful ways.

<Force Heal>
This power accelerate the natural healing process rapidly for a short duration.

<Force Empathy>
This power endows the user with the skill to read the thoughts and emotions of another being.

<Force Combustion>
The ability to cause an object to explode through concentration.

<Force Mind Trick>
This powers confuse and persuade others,making them bend to the user's will.It usually only works on those who are weak-minded.

<Force Projection>
Creates an inanimate apparition that looks like the caster.

<Force Illusion>
The ability to make animated apparitions not limited to the image of the wielder.

<Force Stealth>
This versatile power can not only be used to mask one's physical presence,but also one's Force presence.With this power,the bearer can,in effect,turn almost completely invisible.

<Force Enhance>
This Force boosts the user's abilities,empowering his or her strength,dexterity and endurance.

<Force Alteration>
Various techniques that allow the user to manipulate nature,enabling the creation of such phenomena as Force Whirlwindr or fog certain areas.

<Force Meld>
This is a technique where number of Force users john their mind together through the Force,drawing strength from each other.

<Force Aura>
This power temporarilly strengthens a Jedi's defense and ability to resist most forms of attack,be they physical,energy or Force related,lessening the damage.

<Force Hibernation>
This is an ability of Force user to go into a very deep hibernation state.This slows down the Force user's metabolism and breathing to a standstill.A fully trained Force user can stay in this state for up to 4 days.

<Force Protect>
Force Protect will make the bearer invulnerable to a wide range of physical weapons,energy weapons and Force powers.The ultimate in terms of defense.

<Force Absorb>
The ability to disperse Force energy,and to even absorb or redirect it.

<Force Blinding>
The ability to obfuscate any person's vision.This power can be countered by Force Sense.

<Force Light>
This immense power is used to purge a dark side manifestation from a nexus point.

<Force Animal Taming>
The ability to calm an animal.

<Force Valor>
This potent ability increases the physical and mental attributes of the user and all allies around him for a very brief period.

<Force Inspire>
Similar to Force Valor,this power increases the effectiveness of the followers of the Jedi,empowering their bodies.

<Force Stasis Field>
Unless the targets resist successfully,all hostile creatures within a certain radius of the Jedi become completely paralyzed and vulnerable to attack.

<Force Barrier>
Creates a weak shield that protects the Jedi from minor physical damage,lessening the effects or even powerful blows.

<Force Electric>
Apparently the same ability as the Dark side Force Lightning.Jedi Master Plo Koon contended that it was a light-side power,suprising as he was the only Jedi to use this power.

<Force Revitalize>
Rarely used,but its payoffs are tremendous in potential,rekindling the life energies of fallen allies,bringing them barely back to consciousness.

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