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< Dark Force Powers >

<Dark Force Powers>
To the Dark side belongs powers used to harm or kill targets.Although it is said that users of Dark powers become evil only when the powers are used for personal gain,it has been reported that continuous use of there abilities has a corrupting effect on the Force-user.

<Force Grip>
Often believed to be an enhanced combination of Force Pull and Force Push,Force Grip can be used to grip a target's neck.Stronger users can even lift the target off their feet,choking them or slamming the target into a wall,sending them flying over a precipice.

<Force Crush>
This deadly Force ability lifts the opponent,whose body literally implodes as it is crushed inward by this power.

<Force Lightning>
Also known as Sith Lightning,Force Lightning is a purely energy-based specialty attack of the Sith.Force energy,in the form of lightning bolts exits the Force-user's body through their fingertips.It is extremly devastating and a single powerful blast is sufficient to kill a person instantly.Although Force Lightning is a potent ability,it can be countered by the Light side power,Force Absorb.

<Force Chain Lightning>
The variant of Force Lightning that there is a chance that the lightning will move to another nearby person.

<Force Emerald Lightning>
This is another variation of Force Lightning.It is used by Luke Skywalker against the Yuuzhan Vong Slayers.It is identical to regular Force Lightning except the fact that it is emerald green in appearance.

<Force Neutral Storm>
This telepathic ability involved using psychic energy to overlord a victim's neutral network,causing extreme but momentary disorientation.

<Force Storm>
The ability to generate and control,to a degree,self-sustaining storms of warped spacetime of a limited duration.

<Force Rage>
For a short time,this power augments the speed,strength and fierceness of the caster,at the expense of health and defense.Only Mace Windu has been able to use it properly without falling to the Dark side.

<Force Drain>
Same as Force Heal,except that the user drains the target's Force reserve and/or health to fuel the regenerative process,or to replenish their own strength in the Force.

<Force Insanity>
This ability causes targets to suffer from extreme doubt and fear.This power does not affect droids.

<Force Plague>
This malicious power causes the target to suffer as though afflicted with terrible poison.

<Force Destruction>
This ability,fueled by the Sith's hatred,can create a powerful energy field and throw it at any direction.

<Force Death Sight>
This power is capable of allowing Sith Lords to inflict damage upon enemies merely with their sight.

<Force Mind Control>
The ability to enter one's mind and control brain activity.

<Force Crush Opposition>
The opposite of the Light side Force Inspire,this power saps the target's strength and will to fight.

<Force Scream>
This ability triggers shock waves that ripple through the Force with an enraged scream.

<Force Thought Bomb>
Among the most destructive Force powers ever unleashed.The Thought Bomb exterminates all life within a large radius (known to be potentially as large as a planet) by targeting the brain or nucleus and wiping out all information in it.The only people to ever escape the Thought Bomb were Darth Bane and the young girl he took as his apprentice.

<Force Life Creation>
The ability to influence and manipulate midi-chlorians to create life.Darth Plagueis created Anakin Skywalker using this power,which explains Anakin's high midi-chlorian count.

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