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< The Clone Classes >

The Clone Army is made up of several different units of Clone Troopers.These are the different classes of specialized Clone Troopers in the Army:

<Clone Trooper Captains>
The Clone Captains are bred in Kamino to act in special missions.They are recognized by the red markings on their helmets and torso armor.They are also assigned to leading companies of 144 Clone Troopers.

<Clone Commanders>
The Clone Commanders are bred for leadership roles in the Army of the Republic.They lead regiments of 2,304 Clone Troopers into battle.They are distinguished by yellow-orange markings on their helmets and armor.They are given special training to fulfill their advanced roles and are also bred with extra capacity for critical thinking,tactical coordination,and allowed more independence.

The ARC (Advanced Recon Commandos),or more commonly known as the ARC Troopers,are part of the elite special forces of the Clone Troopers under the Grand Army of the Republic.These clones are developed without behavior correction.The ARC Troopers receive training under Jango Fett.Under Jango's strict discipline they learned to use their fierce independance,innate creativity,and physical superiorty beyond the limits that Jango had set.

<Clone Marines>
The Clone Marines are some of the most feared troopers during the Clone Wars.They specialized in space and ground battles (mainly in cold regions),and wear maroon armor with a back-pack that pumps hot water into their suits.The Marines wear maroon ''command skirts'',similar to the type the ARC Troopers wear.

<Clone Sharpshooters>
The Sharpshooters are specialized in taking out targets from ranged distance.The Sharpshooters uses an upgraded Sniper Blaster for better aiming capabilities.

<Clone SCUBA Troopers>
The SCUBA Troopers are aquatic assault clone troopers grown on Kamino for the Army of the Republic.They are specially trained for aquatic assault and ambush.

<Clone Shocktroopers>
The Homeworld Security Clone Shocktroopers are specialized clone troopers of the Republic who served under Palpatine and are led by Clone Commander Thire.Their armor is painted with distinctive red patterns,with rectangles covering majority of their armor.The Shocktroopers are used to patrol Coruscant streets and landing platforms,checking identifications and protecting key installations.They also act as security guards,and are Palpatine's exclusive military force.

<Republic Commandos>
The Republic Clone Commandos are elite special forces soldiers of the Grand Army of the Republic.Trained in sets of four from the day of their birth,they are place under command of soldiers hired by Jango Fett (many of which are ex-Mandalorian soldiers,much like Jango himself).The Republic Commandos are encouraged to think for themselves in a similar way to the ARC.They are specially trained for the more important and dangerous missions,like infiltrating enemy base.

<Clone Assassins>
The Clone Assassins are one of the ever-expanding specializations that ARC Troopers evolve into during the Clone Wars.The Clone Assassin Corps is trained and disciplined for the sole purpose of taking down any form of Force-sensitives classified as enemies of the Republic.

<Jet Troopers>
Clone Jet Troopers were an experimental concept design to take advantage of the so-called ''genetic memory'' of their predecessor,Jango Fett.To this end,they wore jetpacks to zip quickly around the battlefield and reach otherwise inaccessible vantage points,and carried advanced weaponry.

<Clone Pilots>
Clone Trooper Pilots were bred for the purpose of piloting the air vehicles of the army.Their uniforms featured yellow markings and specialized helmets.

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