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< Advanced Saber Combat >

<Advanced Forms>
These Forms are variants and sub-styles evolved from,or to be used with the seven main Lightsaber Forms.They are founded on the basic principles of combat and survival;some were developed for personal use.

This Form is developed by the ancient Jedi Knights during the Great Sith War.Sokan combines the tactics that allow for evasion and mobility with the kinetic motions of Form IV Ataru combat.Sokan involves swift strokes of the Lightsaber aimed towards the opponent's vital areas in addition to quick tumbles and movements.Some believe that Obi-Wan Kenobi employed elements of Sokan while dueling Anakin on Mustafar.

The Shien is a variation of Form V Djem So.The Shien involves a Jedi holding the Lightsaber horizontally.The Jedi points the end of the Lightsaber at the opponent;it is swung in a fast arc while the Jedi punches his Lightsaber-hand at his opposing combatant,in a stabbing motion.Mace Windu uses this in the arrest against Chancellor Palpatine.Luke Skywalker is also shown using this against Darth Vader underneath the stairs in the Emperor's throne room.

The Dual Saber style of Jar'Kai permits a Jedi to fight with two Lightsabers,one in each hand.One of the blades is used for attacking while the other one is used for defending,such as parrying,or for more offensive power.A Jedi user a Light Dagger or Short Lightsaber instead of a normal Lightsaber to gain more balance.Anakin is seen using this Form against Darth Tyranus in Geonosis.Other notable users-Asajj Ventress,A'sharat Hett and Sora Bulq.

<Form Zero>
Form Zero is the basis for instruction of Lightsaber combat originally defined by Jedi Master Yoda's description of the Lightsaber techniques of Felanil Baaks.The art of Form Zero lies in a Lightsaber that has not been ignited.Unlike most other Forms,Form Zero does not teach a Jedi ''how'' to use a Lightsacer,but ''when'' to use one.

<Dun möch>
The Sith aim to completely dominate an opponent's spirit through whatever means possible by employing their own Lightsaber combat doctrine.The Dun möch commonly involves spoken taunts,jeers and jest that exposed the opponent's hidden,inner weakness and/or doubts.Darth Tyranus uses this against Anakin and Obi-Wan in the Clone Wars.

<Saber Throw>
The Jedi or Sith employ an attack in rare instances to use the cutting power of their Lightsabers,it is called the Saber Throw.The Lightsaber is thrown,usually the blade tip spins in a circular motion about the hilt.Notable users-Kyle Katarn,Jaden Korr and many other Jedi.

This is the Form of Lightsaber combat unique to one or two of the most powerful Jedi.The Jedi will keep the Lightsaber in their grasp,but will keep it turned off.The Jedi then dodge or defend any attacks using the Force.They will wait until the right moment and swiftly turn the Lightsaber on and off,sending the blade through the enemy's body.This will instantly wound or kill the enemy.Yoda uses this against two Clone Troopers in Kashyyyk during the Jedi Purge.

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