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< The Clone Legions >

<The Clone Legions>
The Clone Legions were led by a Clone Commander and a Jedi,each Legion had different skills and specialize in different kinds of combat.

<501st Legion>
Also known as Vader's Fist,the 501st Legion was the personal Legion of Darth Vader.They were considered to be the best of all the Clone Trooper Legions,and served throughout the Clone Wars,the establishment of the Galactic Empire,and the early years of the Galactic Civil War.The Legion was almost completely wiped out after the Galactic Civil War.

<182nd Legion>
The 182nd Legion was deployed at Felucia around the 3rd year of the Clone Wars,and was wiped out by the acklays that are native there.Not much is known about them,but members of the 501st Legion were sent to Felucia to investigate the 182nd Legion's disappearance.

<327th Star Corps>
The 327th Star Corps,under the command of Marshal Commander Bly and Jedi General Aayla Secura,wore armor almost exactly the same armor as the Phase 2 ARC Troopers.During the Battle of Felucia,after Order 66 was activated,Bly and his squad shot Secura without hesitation.

<21st Nova Corps>
Under the command of Commander Bacara and Jedi General Ki-Adi-Mundi,the 21st Nova Corps (a.k.a. Clone Marines) were some of the most feared troopers in the Grand Army of the Republic.They specialize in assaulting and protecting spaceships,most of them are equipped with heavy fire power.Upon the execution of Order 66,the Marines blasted Ki-Adi-Mundi into oblivion.

<212th Attack Battalion>
Under the command of Commander Cody and Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi,the 212th Attack Battalion wore orange triangles and markings on their armor.During the Battle of Utapau,Cody promptly ordered an AT-TE walker to blast Obi-Wan Kenobi,who managed to survive after Palpatine enacted Order 66.It is noted that Cody was killed by Darth Vader later in Coruscant because of his failure in killing Obi-Wan Kenobi.

<41st Elite Corps>
The 41st Elite Corps were an elite corp of clone troopers trained for operating in harsh conditions such as jungles and marshes.Under the command of Commander Gree and Jedi General Luminara Unduli,they boasts squads of Biker ARC Troopers.During the Battle of Kashyyyk,Gree and his officer attempted to blast Yoda after Order 66 was activated,but were both beheaded by one single swipe from Yoda.

<Homeworld Security>
Led by Commander Thire,they are the elite and Palpatine's favourite.Wearing very complex red patterns on their armor,the Homeworld Shocktroopers played a prominent role during the Clone Wars in the Battle of Coruscant.They were later called in to assassinate suspected rebel senators when Palpatine took power.The Shocktroopers evolved into the Coruscant Red Guard at the Empire Age.

<Commando Regiment>
This regiment was made up of Republic Clone Commandos who worked in groups of four,which are selected from birth and trained and lived together from birth.These clones were given special training,that made them the best commandos the galaxy had ever seen.There are no official numbers concerning the number of squads in the regiment,although it is estimated that there were 69 squads,with each squad having 4 Clone Commandos.Clone Commandos started painting and customizing their armor following the huge success the Kaminoans noted when Delta Squad started doing so.

<Hawkbat Battalion>
Led by Captain Deviss,the Hawkbat Battalion fought during the Battle of Geonosis,and due to foolish commanding,the battalion was almost completely wiped out.Deviss was later assigned to the 327th Star Corps under Commander Bly.

<91st Recon Corps>
Under the command of Commander Neyo and Jedi General Stass Allie,the 91st Reconnaissance Corps is specialized in ARC speeder piloting.Commander Neyo blasted Allie off her speeder after the execution of Order 66.

<Squad Seven>
The Squad Seven was a small group of specialists created by ARC Trooper Alpha-17,was led by Clone Commander Cody often,although the squad was managed by Major Jorir.The Squad Seven contained the best cross-trained clone commanders,pilots,marines,SCUBA troopers,demolitoo specialists,Jet troopers and Sharpshooters.Squad Seven accompanied Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker on several occasions.

<Sky Corps>
The Sky Corps was an elite group of Jet Troopers activated during the Clone Wars.These specially-trained troopers wore Jet packs for aerial operations and combat.

<Lancer Battalion>
The Lancer Battalion was a division of the Grand Army of the Republic made of Lancer Troopers.The Lancer Battalion was used against the Separatist's IG Lancer Droids.The Lancer Battalion were usually deployed to distract the enemy from advancing turbo lasers batteries,used to take out fortified targets.

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