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< The Chosen One >

<The Chosen One?>
According to ancient Jedi prophecy,a life-form will be conceived by the midi-chlorians,charged with the destiny of bringing balance to the Force.Searching for a new hyperdrive in a parts-dealership on Tatooine,Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn meets a nine-year-old slave boy named Anakin Skywalker,who possesses powers not unlike those of a Jedi.After Anakin's mother,Shmi, confides that Anakin's conception occured without a father,Qui-Gon conducts a blood test that confirms that Anakin's cell have the highest concentration of midi-chlorians ever recorded,even higher than Master Yoda.Believing Anakin is the Chosen One,Qui-Gon decides to help liberate the boy.

<Anakin's Farewell>
Qui-Gon's wager with Watto wins Anakin's freedom.Hoping Qui-Gon will help him become a Jedi,Anakin must leave his mother,but he vows to return to Tatooine and free her.

<The Council's Decision>
Presenting Anakin to the Jedi Council,Qui-Gon asserts his belief that the boy is the Chosen One.As most Jedi begin their training in infancy,the Council are uncertain about the wisdom of training the boy.Tested by the Jedi Masters,Anakin demonstrates great ability with the Force,but he is deemed too old and filled with anger.Qui-Gon protests the decision,but the Council refuses to allow him to train Anakin.However,they do permit the boy to remain in Qui-Gon's charge for the time being.

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