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< The C.I.S. >

<Rise of the Separatists>
The CIS (Confederacy of Independant Systems) was formed about eight years after the Battle of Naboo.The CIS was made up of organizations and star systems that wanted to leave the Republic, numbering ''thousands'' and with at least ''ten thousand ready to join''.Several corporations including the Trade Federation,
Techno Union,
Commerce Guild,
Corporate Alliance,
the Geonosians,and the InterGalactic Banking Clan had joined the Confederacy.The CIS' main goal was to split from the Republic and form their own government, stating that the Republic had become too corrupt.The members of this organization are called Separatists.
The Confederacy was lead by Count Dooku,former Jedi Master,and from behind the scenes,Darth Sidious,Dooku's Sith Master and alter ego of Chancellor Palpatine.

<Count Dooku>
Following the Battle of Naboo,Jedi Master Dooku left the Jedi Order,stating that the Jedi should no longer serve the corrupted Republic.Dooku disappeared for nearly a decade.Around 24 B.B.Y.,he resurfaces on Raxus Prime as Count Dooku,broadcasting speeches on the hypocrisy and corruption of the Republic.Many worlds of the Republic began to agree with his viewpoint and seceded,beginning the Separatist Movement.In secret,Count Dooku had spent his years training under the elusive Darth Sidious,who renames him Darth Tyranus,The Dark Lord of the Sith.

<The Growing Threat>
In one year,Count Dooku's Separatist Movement had grown significantly more powerful.Every day saw news of another planet joining the Confederacy of Independent Systems.Many Senators thought the chancellor should simply let them go,allowing the Confederacy to exist side by side with the Republic.Others pushed for the passage of a Military Creation Act that would create a Grand Army of the Republic to bolster the meager Judicial security forces.Palpatine claimed that he would not allow the Republic to be split in two,but did not publicly advocate the creation of the Grand Army.The Senate chamber on Coruscant rang with shouts of angry legislators debating the pros and cons of the movement and complaining about the endless delays in bringing the issue to a vote.
However,many events quickly snowballed and left the chancellor with no options besides armed conflict.

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