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Multimedia gallery

< Droid Army Of The C.I.S. >

<The Droid Army>
The Separatist Droid Army was created by the C.I.S. (and mostly by its ally,the Trade Federation),in effort to secure power throughout the galaxy.It consisted of quintillions of battle droids.Assigned by Count Dooku,the droid army was led by General Grievous,a Kaleesh cyborg droid that receives Lightsaber training from Dooku,and the Chiss Dark Jedi, General Sev'rance Tann.

<The Droid Classes>
Like the Clone Army,the Droid Army consisted of many different classes of Droids.

<Battle Droids>
The staple of the Separatists forces,often deployed in great numbers.

<Assault Droids>
A heavilly armed variation of the Battle Droid.

<Pilot Droids>
A variation of the Battle Droid without combat capabilities.Designed to pilot starships and fighters.

<Assassin Droid>
A camouflaged Battle Droid who sniped their targets with precise aiming.

<Super Battle Droids>
The larger cousins of the Battle Droids,used in greater numbers as the Clone Wars progressed,but was too expensive to replace the standard Battle Droids.

Also known as Destroyer Droids,the Droideka are fearsome weapons designed not for combat,but for annihilation.

<IG Lancer Droids>
The Lancer Droids are designed for high speed combat.

<Chameleon Droids>
These are special droids capable of limited invisibility.

<Octuptarra Droids>
These are tripod droids with varying weapons capabilities,introduced during the late stages of the war.

A spacecraft-like war droid.

<Buzz Droids>
These are droids used to sabotage enemy technology.

<Crab Droids>
These are all terrain unit manufactured in varying sizes.

<IG-100 MagnaGuards>
The MagnaGuards are elite bodyguards designed and trained by General Grievous for his personal use.They are designed with superior magna armor.

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