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Multimedia gallery

< "Rise,Lord Vader" >

<Evil Revealed>
Anakin Skywalker had recently learned that Padmé was pregnant,and had been haunted by visions of his wife dying during childbirth.Palpatine had carefully cultivated Anakin's hopes for preventing this dire premonition,and had revealed everything to Anakin: Palpatine's secret identity as Darth Sidious.His murder of his own Master,Darth Plagueis.The role that the Sith played in creating Anakin by manipulating midi-chlorians.And the hint that by studying the ways of the Sith,Anakin could learn to conquer death.

<The Battle on Utapau>
As Anakin comes to the realization that Palpatine is in fact the Sith Lord the Jedi are hunting,Obi-Wan leads his Clone troops in an attack on Grievous's droid army on the planet Utapau.The death of Count Dooku made Grievous the leader of the Separatists,and the Jedi believed that the capture of Grievous would end the war.Grievous dueled Obi-Wan using four Lightsabers,and then led the Jedi on a wild chase along the sinkhole walls of Utapau.But it was not enough.The battle ends on a secret landing platform,where the Obi-Wan finally destroys Grievous using the cyborg's my blaster.

<Showdown on Coruscant>
Upon Anakin's confirmation that Palpatine was a Sith Lord,Mace Windu assembled the Jedi Masters Saesee Tiin,Kit Fisto,and Agen Kolar to arrest Palpatine.With his cover blown,Palpatine unleashed his full fury,killing the three lesser Jedi.As Anakin arrived on the scene,Master Windu appeared to have gotten the drop on Palpatine,but Anakin-panicked that the knowledge to save Padmé would be lost with Palpatine's death-hacked off Mace Windu's arm.Palpatine then charred Maste Windu with Force Lightning,sending Mace out the window to his death.

<Rise,Lord Vader>
After the death of Mace Windu,Anakin pledge himself to the ways of the Sith.Palpatine bequeaths a name to his new apprentice: Darth Vader.Vader believes his actions will restore order to the galaxy,and that he will gain the knowledge to keep Padmé safe forever.At Palpatine's command,Vader led the 501st Legion to assault the Jedi Temple,slaughtering hundreds,including even the youngest students.

<The Separatists' Fate>
After the Jedi Temple assault,Darth Vader arrives on Mustafar,a volcanic planet,and the current hiding place of the Separatist Council.Vader executed all the remaining Separatist members,whom Palpatine no longer had any use for.Palpatine also prepared to shut down every battle droid in the galaxy using a master control signal,knowing that the Clone Wars had fulfilled their objective.

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