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Multimedia gallery

< Order 66 >

<The Jedi Purge>
Although Palpatine vanquishes the four Jedi Masters who attempt to arrest him,and has assigned Darth Vader the task of massacring those in the Jedi Temple,thousands of Jedi Generals remain scattered on distant worlds across the galaxy.Before any surviving Jedi can learn about Palpatine's actions on Coruscant,he activates a secret plan that he designed many years before to eliminate the entire Jedi Order.He also twists information to his own advantage by informing the Galactic Senate that the Jedi had intended to assassinate him in order to seize control of the Republic.By the time Palpatine convinces most world leaders in the Senate that the Jedi are traitors,he has already succeeded in destroying nearly all of his most powerful adversaries,
leaving no one to stop Palpatine from proclaiming himself Emperor of the galaxy.

<Order 66>
An emergency protocol,Order 66 identifies all Jedi as traitors to the Republic that must be eliminated with extreme prejudice.The transmission of Order 66 is simultaneously beamed to Clone Commanders across the galaxy and,moments later,hundreds of Jedi Generals are murdered by their own troops.

<A New Regime>
On Coruscant,Palpatine addresses the Senate.He claims an assasination attempt by treacherous Jedi has left him disfigured; he then rallies the Senators to support a new regime,an Empire that he will rule for life.The majority of Senators respond with cheers and applause.

<The Survivors>
Both Yoda and Obi-Wan manage to escape the Jedi Purge,and ignore the subsequent transmission that summons all Jedi back to the Jedi Temple.Reunited on Senator Bail Organa's starship,Yoda and Obi-Wan agree that they must return to the Temple and disable the recall signal,preventing any surviving Jedi from walking into the trap.

<Duel in the Senate>
Yoda finds the Emperor in the holding office at the Grand Chamber of the Galactic Senate.Palpatine uses both his Lightsaber and Force Lightning to attack Yoda,who is ultimately forced to retreat.Although Yoda fails to destroy the Emperor,his survival ensures that he will live to train at least one more student in the ways of the Force.

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