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Multimedia gallery

< The Duel on Mustafar >

<Seeking Anakin>
Searching for Darth Vader,Obi-Wan goes to Padmé's apartment on Coruscant.Padmé refuses to believe Kenobi's claim that the young Anakin murdered younglings at the Temple,and is unable to accept that the father of her unborn offspring could be capable of such an unforgivable,evil act.Shocked and upset,Padmé tells Kenobi to leave; shortly afterwards she travels with C-3PO to planet Mustafar.She is unaware,that Obi-Wan has anticipated this move and is a stowaway on her starship.And so it is on Mustafar that Padmé discovers the grim truth about the man she loves,while Obi-Wan finds the hate-filled monster he must try to destroy.

<The Chokehold>
After killing all the remaining Separatist leaders,Darth Vader saw Padmé's starship arrived on Mustafar.Darth Vader answers to the name Anakin,but his evasive,defiant behavior convinces Padmé that he is Anakin no more.Upon seeing Obi-Wan emerge from Padmé's starship,Vader suspects betrayal and uses the Force to choke his wife.

<Battle of the Heroes>
Vader releases Padmé from his telekinetic deathgrip to engage Obi-Wan in a fierce duel.The combatants are so focused on each other's movements that neither notices the intrepid R2-D2 hauling Padmé's unconscious form back to her starship.The battle takes Vader and Obi-Wan through the main collection plant of the old lava mine,across platforms that stretch over riverbeds of molten rock.As every step becomes more ferocious,Obi-Wan realizes the he still cares for Anakin,and that the only way he can defeat his opponent is to let go of his feelings for his former friend.When Obi-Wan releases this emotional attachment,the battle turns for the Jedi.

<A Prophecy Fulfilled?>
By slaying the Separatist leaders and crushing the Jedi Order,Vader believes he has restored peace and justice to the galaxy and so brought balance to the Force.In his eyes,he has fulfilled his destiny as the Chosen One.
Vader will not stray from this viewpoint until the last day of his life,when he finally realizes that there is power stronger than the dark side.

<Burning Rage>
Despite his fighting skills,Vader is defeated by Obi-Wan.With both legs and an arm severed,Vader lies helpless as red-hot lava burns his flesh and sears his lungs.But even as Vader writhes in agony,he believes his actions were justified and considers himself superior to the Jedi.
Fueled by anger and hatred,Vader never relinquishes his embrace of the dark side.

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