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Multimedia gallery

< Reborn And Birth >

<Rebuilding Vader>
Sensing a disturbance in the Force,the Emperor flies to Mustafar with his Shocktroopers. Obi-Wan leaves with Padmé as the Emperor arrives and locates Vader's smoldering, dismembered remains.Vader is taken to a Surgical Reconstruction Center on Coruscant.It takes days for the Emperor's medical droids to connect Vader's severed nerve endings to new robotic parts.Vader's lifesaving transformation is a complicated procedure that incorporates advanced technology with arcane Sith healing techniques. Vader's new body consists primarily of machine components,and his cloak conceals a backpack that cycles air in and out of his damaged lungs.After his recovery,Vader constructs a new,red-bladed Sith Lightsaber to replace the weapon he lost on Mustafar.

<Dark Lord Reborn>
After Darth Vader is resurrected as a cyborg,he asks for Padmé,and is told by the Emperor that he killed her in anger.Unaware of his Master's deceit,Vader is filled with fury,not because of his imagined role in Padmé's death,but because he feels cheated by her loss.In his incredible selfishness,Vader is completely consumed by the dark side of the Force,and his humanity becomes almost entirely irretrievable.

<Future of the Twins>
Obi-Wan takes the injured Padmé to a medical facility on the isolated asteroid Polis Massa,where he meets with Yoda and Senator Bail Organa.A medical droid assists with the emergency delivery of Padmé's twins,a boy and a girl whom she names Luke and Leia.Tragically, Padmé does not survive.
After Padmé's death,Yoda suggests her twins should be split up to prevent the Sith from finding them both.Bail Organa adopts Leia and takes her to Alderaan.Obi-Wan delivers Luke to Anakin's stepbrother,Owen and his wife,Beru,who agree to raise him on Tatooine.

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