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< The Galactic Empire >

<The Empire of Evil>
With unprecedented support from the Senate and the Jedi Order exterminated,the Sith at long last accomplished their revenge.But with worlds still waiting to be conquered,and his power yet to be consolidated, Emperor Palpatine relied heavily on his apprentice Darth Vader.
As the Republic is reorganized into the Galactic Empire,there are many who are grateful to Emperor Palpatine for ending decades of corruption in the Senate,and who believe that he will fulfill his vow to restore stability to the galaxy.Even as his opponents continue to vanish,few comprehend that the Emperor's New Order is based on tyranny,brutality,and hatred of nonhumans.Aliens are not only persecuted but enslaved to serve the Empire.
Funds are diverted from social programs into a massive military buildup. By the time the Imperial subjects realize that they are kept in a state of constant fear in order to maintain "stability," Palpatine has the full support of his awesome Imperial Navy as well as the crime syndicate Black Sun,and has eliminated most of his adversaries.

<The Emperor>
Acting without any legal,political, or financial restraints,Emperor Palpatine develops the largest military force in galactic history. Supervision of the Imperial Navy is later assigned to the Moffs-Imperial military commanders-and Palpatine thoroughly dedicates himself to the study of the dark side of the Force.As he strives to discover the secrets of eternal life,he also begins to experimenting with cloning technology. Protected at all times by his red-cloaked Royal Guards,the Emperor seldom leaves his palace on Coruscant.

<Darth Vader>
The Emperor's chief enforcer and most diabolical creation,Darth Vader is the embodiment of fear itself.While his Master is increasingly secluded within the Imperial Palace,Vader travels extensively,and beings across the galaxy come to regard his dark mask as the ''face'' of the Empire.Using powers at his disposal to crush enemies,Vader also uses Imperial propaganda to recruit allies such as the Noghri of Honoghr,who become his private assassins.

<Jedi Slayer>
Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi are not th survivors of the Jedi Purge.Numerous Jedi abandoned the Jedi Order rather than fight for the Republic in the Clone Wars,and many others went into hiding after Palpatine's implementation of Order 66.The Emperor assigns Darth Vader with the task of eliminating the remaining Jedi,and Vader kills many over the years.

<Mara Jade>
Discovered and raised by Palpatine,Force-sensitive Mara Jade is one of her Master's elite agents and assassins.Her skills earn her the title of ''The Emperor's Hand.''

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