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Multimedia gallery

< The Imperial Military >

<Imperial Might>
Having eliminated his most powerful opponents, Emperor Palpatine is free to throw all of his resources into a military buildup unlike any in recorded galactic history.Republic Assault Ships used during the Clone Wars are decommissioned and replaced by larger warships with more destructive firepower.Human males-especially those prejudiced to aliens-are recruited from Military Academies to command the Clone troops; those who refuse to voluntarily enlist are either drafted to serve alongside the Clones as footsoldiers or eliminated.
Specialized training leads to the creation of new military elites to enforce the Emperor's will,from the deadly efficiency of Imperial TIE fighter pilots to the resourcefulness of reconnaissance Scout Troopers.With this awesome fleet and a limitless number of Stormtroopers at his disposal,Palpatine maintains control over former-Republic worlds and intimidates others into joining his ever-expanding Imperial Military.

<Imperial Forces>

Just as the Clone troops served the Republic without question during the many conflicts of the Clone Wars,Imperial Stormtroopers are totally loyal to the Empire and cannot be bribed,seduced,or blackmailed into betraying the Emperor.Clad in white armor that is impervious to projectile weapons and blast shrapnel,they are the spearhead of Palpatine's ground forces.
A part of the Stormtroopers are actually the remaining 501st Legion of Clone Troopers during the Clone Wars.Now as the 501st Stormtroopers, they continued to served under Darth Vader.

<Scout Troopers>
Trained to reconnoiter enemy territory, Scout Troopers are trained to survive long periods without supervision or support.

<Snow Troopers>
Also known as Cold Assault Troopers,the Snow Troopers operate alongside AT-AT walkers to crush any opposition in frozen environments.

<AT-AT Pilots>
Selected from the best combat troopers,a single AT-AT Pilot drives the walker while a second pilot acts as navigator and gunner.

<TIE Fighter Pilots>
Trained to target and destroy,TIE Fighter Pilots are committed to accomplishing their missions,even if it requires self-sacrifice.

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