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< The Old Republic >

<The Old Republic>
Also known as The Galactic Republic,the Old Republic lasted for nearly 25,000 standard years,and united thousands of member worlds.
Elected representatives from these worlds served as Senators in the Galactic Senate,creating and endorsing laws,pacts,and treaties that promoted peace and prosperity.When diplomacy failed,the Republic relied upon the Jedi Knights as negotiators and defenders,who drew their Lightsabers only when absolutely necessary.The Jedi's most dangerous enemies were the evil Sith Lords,who embraced the dark side of the Force.Jedi Master Yoda witnessed most of the Republic's final millennia, observing at firsthand the decline of democracy as corruption and complacency began to erode the Republic's foundations.
As the Republic unravelled,the Sith reemerged to exploit the chaos for their own ends.

<A Democratic Republic>
Of the millions of inhabited worlds in the galaxy,thousands are members of the Galactic Republic.The Republic's worlds are represented by Senators who serve their terms in the Galactic Senate on the capital world,Coruscant. The elected leader of the Republic is the Supreme Chancellor,who by law can serve no more than two four-year terms.Operating out of the Judicial Department under the office of the Supreme Chancellor,the Jedi and their role in Republic affairs.Although the Galactic Senate strives to maintain order through diplomacy and negotiation,and relies on the Jedi Order to enforce justice when all else fails,some Senators believe that the Republic needs a well-armed,official militia to defend Republic worlds against the growing threat of interplanetary piracy.

<The Galactic Senate>
The Galactic Senate is located in the capital world of Coruscant,and the entrance concourse is adorned by monumental statues that depict the Republic's Core World founders. The Supreme Chancellor's tall podium is at the center of the Great Rotunda in the Galactic Senate building.Lined with 1,024 Senate repulsorlift platforms,the Rotunda is where delegates from the Republic's member worlds meet to make decisions.

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