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< The Death Star >

<The Death Star>
Conceived as a moon-sized ''expeditionary battle planetoid'',the Empire's terrifying Death Star is one of the largest starships ever built.Measuring 120 kilometers (75 miles) in diameter,the spherical battle station's crew,officers,and support and maintenance personnel exceed a million beings,not including a security force of more than 25,000 Stormtroopers and a support ''crew'' of more than 400,000 droids.Weaponry includes 10,000 turbolasers and heavy turbolasers,
2,500 laser cannons and ion cannons,and 768 long-range tractor beams.Powered by an immense fusion reactor,the Death Star is capable of travelling through hyperspace,and its primary offensive weapon provides enough firepower to decimate an entire planet.

<Grand Moff Tarkin>
The mastermind behind the Death Star's construction is Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin.He believes that humans are superior to aliens,and the most efficient way to cripple enemies is to destroy their hope.
The Death Star exemplifies the Tarkin Doctrine: "Rule through fear of force rather than by force itself."

<Destroyer of Worlds>
The Death Star's primary weapon is a planet-shattering superlaser.The superlaser is formed by eight combined beams,which are fired in alternate sequence to create a huge blast of energy with more firepower than half of the Imperial fleet.After firing,the superlaser requires a recharge of 24 standard hours before it can be fired again,so Death Star gunners are trained to hit their target on their first shot.

<Death Star Defenses>
The Death Star's surface is defended by deadly turbolasers towers,which fire sustained, organized volleys. The turbolasers' poor recharge rate and slow rotation speed creates gaps in the station's defensive screen,but Imperial engineers are confident that the Death Star's state-of-the-art weapons system can defeat any threat.

<Death Star Officers>
The Death Star's commander is Grand Moff Tarkin.Where as General Tagge is the Imperial Army tactician,and Admiral Motti is in charge of Death Star operations.
With the Imperial Senate under Palpatine's control,the military becomes the true government of the Empire.The Imperial Navy's key directive is to combat space piracy and transport military personnel,while the Imperial Army is charged with maintaining planetary order and removing threats to the Empire.Palpatine eventually overhauls and integrates the forces of the Army and Navy,which creates rivalries between such powerful individuals as General Tagge and Admiral Motti.

<Imperial Engineer>
The Death Star's chief engineer is Bavel Lemelisk, who previously helped the Geonosians produce their attack craft and also designed the Death Star's prototype,the first weapon ever to wield a superlaser.
Despite his reputation, Lemelisk is hardly a perfectionist,but because of his connections to other high-ranking Imperial officials, few challenge his expertise.When it is eventually discovered that the Death Star has a major design flaw,the Emperor will hold Lemelisk responsible.

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