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Multimedia gallery

< The Great Rescue >

<Inside the Death Star>
After the Falcon is drawn into the Death Star,Darth Vader inspects the captured starship in the docking bay and is notified that its markings match the freighter that blasted out of Mos Eisley.An initial inspection finds no one on board,as Luke and his allies have concealed themselves in the Falcon's smuggling compartments.
Knowing their only chance of escape is to disable the tractor beam that locked onto the Falcon,Luke,Solo and their allies infiltrate the docking bay's control room,where R2-D2 accesses an Imperial computer to provide Ben with directions to the tractor beam generator.But when R2-D2 discovers that Princess Leia is a prisoner on the Death Star and scheduled to be terminated,Luke enlists the reluctant mercenaries for an impromptu rescue mission.

<Ben's Mission>
Following the directions that R2-D2 retrieves from the Death Star's computer,he arrives at a power terminal that stands atop a tall generator tower.The wily Jedi makes adjustments to the terminal,causing a power loss that will allow the Falcon to escape.

Disguised as Stormtroopers,Luke and Han liberate Princess Leia from cell 2187,but become trapped within the detention block.Thinking fast,Leia blasts a hole in the block's corridor floor,allowing a garbage chute to serve as an escape route.
The garbage chute deposits Princess Leia and her would-be rescuers into a trash compactor,which collects all kinds of refuse for processing before it is dumped into space.The compactor is also home to a large dianoga,which nearly drowns Luke.When two opposite walls begin to converge,Luke uses his comlink to summon help from C-3PO and R2-D2,who work fast to prevent their allies from being crushed to death.

<The Duelists>
Darth Vader senses his former Master's presence on the Death Star,and intercepts Kenobi.They duel with Lightsabers,and Vader is confident that he will be the victor,asserting that the roles have reserved since their last fateful encounter on Mustafar-and that now,he is the master.As their battle brings them to the corridor outside the docking bay,the Sith Lord does his best to wear down the aged Jedi,and when Ben appears to surrender,Vader does not hesitate to strike.But he is suprised when the red blade of his Sith Lightsaber connects only with Ben's empty robes,leaving him to wonder if Obi-Wan has somehow become even more powerful.

<A Narrow Escape>
The final moments of Vader and Kenobi's duel are observed by Luke and his companions as they enter the docking bay.In a diversionary move,Ben allows Vader to cut him down.Luke is devastated by Obi-Wan's sacrifice,but when he hears the Jedi's disembodied voice urging him to run,he escapes with Leia,Solo,Chewbacca,and the droids.Four TIE fighters pursue and attack the Falcon,but Solo and Luke man the ship's quad laser cannons and destroy the enemy ships.

<The Secret Base>
Fleeing the Death Star with the technical readouts of the battle station intact in R2-D2's memory banks,Leia and her new allies head for Yavin 4,a small moon orbiting the gas giant Yavin,and the secret base of the Rebel Alliance.However as the Falcon travels to Yavin 4,Leia quickly realizes that the relative ease of their escape carries a heavy price,as their ship is carrying a tracking device planted by Imperial technicians.Aware that the Empire can now pinpoint the exact location of the secret base,the Rebels prepare for battle as they await the impending arrival of the Death Star in the Yavin system.

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