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Multimedia gallery

< The Battle Of Yavin >

<The Great Temple>
Upon arrival on Yavin 4,Rebel escorts take Leia and her allies to the ancient Massassi pyramid now known as the Great Temple,which Alliance engineers have made fit for habitation.During the Clone Wars,Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker dueled with the deadly,Force-sensitive Separatist commander Asajj Ventress at this same location.

<The Battle Plan>
The Death Star data stored in R2-D2 yields the discovery of an unshielded reactor shaft that-if properly targeted-could lead to the superweapon's destruction.With little time to spare,General Dodonna prepares a plan of attack that requires Rebel starpilots to fly one-man fighters to the Death Star.After maneuvering into the station's equatorial trench and speeding to their target,the pilots will fire proton torpedoes into the reactor shaft's two-meter wide exhaust port.Although several pilots question the possibility of hitting such a small target,they know that this is the only way to defeat the Imperials.

<Alliance Starfighters>
At the Battle of Yavin,Alliance pilots of older Y-wing fighters fly as Gold Squadron,while pilots of new,recently acquired X-wings fly as Red Squadron.Some of the Rebel pilots,such as Biggs Darklighter,are highly trained Imperial defectors,while others,like Luke Skywalker,have relatively limited piloting experience.Of the 30 Rebel pilots who fight for the Alliance at the Battle of Yavin,only three will survive the assault on the Death Star.

<Death Star Trench>
After Rebel pilots prove capable of evading the Death Star's turbolaser defenses,Darth Vader orders the deployment of TIE fighters for ship-to-ship combat.
But when Vader realizes that several Rebel starfighters are trying to reach a specific target in the Death Star's equatorial trench,he joins the fray in his TIE Advance x1 prototype,flanked by two wingmen.Vader's entry to the battle manage to destroy many Alliance fighters,including Luke's friend,Biggs Darklighter.

<Chain Reaction>
After two consecutive three-pilot teams enter the Death Star trench but fail to hit their target,Luke makes a final,desperate effort.The sudden return of Han Solo saves Luke from Vader's laserfire.
Trusting in the Force,Luke Skywalker fires his fighter's proton torpedoes into the port,causing a chain reaction that obliterates the Death Star.

<Victory Ceremony>
Following the Death Star's destruction,the Rebels celebrate in the grand audience chamber of the Great Temple.Leia honors Luke,Han Solo,and Chewbacca in recognition of their bravery and heroism.
Although the Battle of Yavin does not bring an immediate end to the Empire's oppressive reign,it is widely regarded as one of the most pivotal moments in galactic history.

<Vader's Escape>
With his TIE fighter crippled by a shot from the Millennium Falcon,Vader is forced to crash-land on the planet Vaal.His journey to an Imperial Relay Outpost is interrupted by an attack from vicious creatures,but he eventually reaches a shuttle that carries him to Coruscant.

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