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Multimedia gallery

< The Battle Of Hoth >

<From Yavin to Hoth>
After the Battle of Yavin,Han Solo continues to aid the Rebel Alliance.When Luke accidently discovers the remote ice planet Hoth,Han is instrumental in persuading the Rebel Alliance that it would make an excellent location for a new base.
Although Han Solo has every intention of repaying Jabba the Hutt for the lost spice shipment,the smuggler cannot stop the impatient crime lord from putting an even larger bounty on his head.

<The Search>
After failing to stop the Rebel evacuation from the base on Yavin 4,Darth Vader decides upon a new course of action.Imperial probe droids are deployed throughout every sector of the galaxy,each seeking the location of the Rebels' new secret headquarters.
When Vader learns a probe droid has sighted a snow-base power generator on an ice planet in the Hoth system,he is certain he has found the Rebels.Vader directs his massive flagship and a fleet of five Star Destroyers to travel to the Hoth system.As the Rebels are alerted of the Imperial threat,Vader orders that the battle will be waged on the planet's surface.

<Imperial Assault>
With the Imperial fleet in orbit,the Rebels at Echo Base fire their powerful ion cannons at the Star Destroyers.
This creates an escape corridor for the fleeing transports,but Rebel snowspeeders are less effective at stopping the huge Imperial AT-AT walkers that attack the base from ground level.Luke Skywalker single-handely brings down an AT-AT after his snowspeeder is shot down,but the Rebels suffer many casualties,and the day belongs to the Empire.

<The Dark Lord on Hoth>
Vader arrives on the ice planet just as the Millennium Falcon escapes from the Echo Base.But as Han Solo's ship ascends from Hoth,Vader directs his fleet to pursue the Corellian freighter.
Remembering his conversation with bounty hunter Boba Fett on Ord Mantell,the Dark Lord decides to capture Solo and use him as bait to trap his Force-powerful friend,Luke Skywalker.

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