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Multimedia gallery

< A Jedi In Training >

Compelled by his vision of Ben Kenobi on Hoth,Luke Skywalker travels with R2-D2 to the Dagobah system to seek out Kenobi's own instructor,the Jedi Master Yoda.Having learned from Ben that Darth Vader helped the Empire hunt down and destroy the Jedi Knights,Luke knows Yoda-like Ben-went into hiding to escape execution.As he approaches Dagobah,Skywalker is suprised to find that the planet has no cities or any evidence of technology.As he descends,Luke loses control of his X-wing in the dense atmosphere and is forced to make an emergency landing.Arriving on the mist-shrouded swamp world,Luke realizes how desperate Yoda must have been to survive.He has no idea what the Jedi Master looks like,but imagines him to be a great warrior.

<Friend or Foe?>
While setting up a temporary camp,the sudden,unexpected appearance of a small creature causes Luke to draw his blaster.The young Rebel quickly decides that the odd,green-skinned being poses no threat,but becomes annoyed when the creature starts rummaging through his provisions.When Luke mentions he is looking for a Jedi Master,the creature's eyes brighten,and he offers to take Skywalker to Yoda.

<The Last Jedi Master>
Inside the creature's hut,an impatient Luke is startled to hear Ben Kenobi's voice address the creature,whom Luke suddenly realizes is Yoda.
Yoda's powers have helped him survive but,at 900 years old,he cannot escape old age.If he fails to train Luke,the legacy of the Jedi could die with him.

<Jedi Training>
With 800 years of experience training Jedi,Yoda pushes Luke to his physical and mental limits.Luke proves to be a talented student and learns greater control of his powers,but as his training did not begin in infancy,he finds it difficulty to contain his emotions.

<Failing to Believe>
When Luke's X-wing suddenly sinks into the swamp,Yoda suggests that the Force could be used to remove the starfighter.Because Luke does not believe it is possible,he fails to raise the ship.Yoda transfers the ship to dry ground with ease,and gains even more respect from his pupil.

<Urgent Departure>
Unwilling to dismiss a frightening vision of Han and Leia in pain,Luke decides he must interrupt his Jedi training and attempt to rescue his friends.Despite the protests of both Yoda and the spirit of Obi-Wan,who suspect a trap,Luke leaves Dagobah but promises that he will return.Following his vision,he heads for the Bespin system.

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