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Multimedia gallery

< Betrayal In The Clouds >

<Cloud City>
After escaping the Imperial Fleet,Han Solo sets course for the planet Bespin,where his old friend Lando Calrissian runs Cloud City,an orbital gas-mining facility.Since assuming the role of the installation's Baron Administrator,Calrissian has managed to increase production at Cloud City,and he has also transformed its hotel-casinos into exclusive,luxurious resorts.In his attempts to revitalize the facility,he has tried to avoid dealing with the Empire,but proves impossible after Boba Fett reports to Darth Vader that the Millennium Falcon is heading for the Bespin system.The bounty hunter and the Imperials arrive before Solo's ship,and Vader instructs Calrissian to cooperate with his plan to capture the Rebels or suffer the consequences.

<Boba Fett>
By the time of the hunt for Han Solo,Jango Fett's unmodified clone has reached the age of 35 standard years and is at the peak of his bounty hunting abilities.Boba Fett hopes to claim the large bounty of Solo's head by delivering Solo to Jabba the Hutt.

<Unexpected Meeting>
After the Rebels land,Lando Calrissian greets them and escorts them into Cloud City.C-3PO strays from his friends and stumbles upon a squad of Stormtroopers,who blast him into pieces.
Leia,Han and Chewbacca become more suspicious of Lando after Chewie finds C-3PO's dismembered parts in a junk room.However,they accepts Lando's invitation for refreshments,and are lead to a dining room.There,they are startled to find Darth Vader,who proves that Han's blaster is no match against the dark side of the Force.

<Freezing Solo>
Carbon-freeze chambers are used to suspend exotic gases within blocks of carbonite for export from Cloud City.Darth Vader plans to utilize this technology to capture Luke Skywalker,but decides to test it on Han Solo to see if a human can survive the freezing process.
Han survives,and after Lando learns that Vader intends to allow Boba Fett to deliver Han to Jabba the Hutt,he decides it is time to stop helping the Empire.

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