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Multimedia gallery

< Return Of The Jedi >

<A New Lightsaber>
Before he participates in the rescue of Han,Luke knows that he must get a new Lightsaber.In Ben Kenobi's abandoned home on Tatooine,Luke finds a book with instructions for building a Lightsaber.Unlike the one he lost on Cloud City,his new green-bladed Lightsaber follows the design of Ben's weapon.

<Boushh's Bounty>
Chewbacca insists on participating in Han's rescue,but knows that Jabba would see through any disguise he might use to infiltrate the palace.To gain entry,he allows himself to be manacled and escorted by Leia,who reprises her role as Boushh to collect the bounty on Chewie.

<Brief Reunion>
While Jabba and his court are sleeping,Leia liberates Han from the carbonite block.Temporary blinded by hibernation sickness,Solo is barely reunited with Leia when they are discovered by Jabba's gang.Han is thrown into the same cell as Chewbacca,while Jabba adds Leia to his slave harem.

<Enter The Jedi>
Carrying no weapons,Luke bypasses Jabba's security sensors and uses the Force to subdue the guards,but when he confronts the Hutt,he learns that Jabba is immune to Jedi Mind Tricks.However,Jabba realizes that Luke poses a threat,and attempts to feed him to his pet Rancor.After it fails to make a meal of Luke,the Hutt decides to introduce his Rebel captives to a larger creature-the Sarlacc.

<The Great Pit of Carkoon>
While Jabba watches from his luxury sail barge,and sand skiff positions Luke Skywalker above the Sarlacc's pit.Luke gazes down into the maw of the enormous,omnivorous Sarlacc,who lives below Tatooine's surface in a deep sand hole called the Great Pit of Carkoon.As he steps off the plank,Luke backflips and catches his Lightsaber,which R2-D2 shoots into the air.A fierce battle ensues,as the captive Rebels fight for their lives.

<Boba's Fate>
Accompanying Jabba to the Great Pit of Carkoon,Boba Fett attacks the Rebels as they try to escape.A lucky shot from a temporary-blind Han Solo ignites Fett's jetpack,sending the mercenary tumbling into the waiting mouth of the Sarlacc.After several agonizing days,Fett blasts his way out of the creature and is rescued by his fellow bounty hunter,Dengar.

<Jabba's Last Gasp>
Chained to Jabba and forced to wear a revealing slave-girl costume that precludes the possibility of concealing any weapons,Leia has little hope of escape.But when Jabba becomes distracted by the spectacular battle outside his sail barge,the Princess seizes the chance to toss the chain around her captor's thick neck and strangle him.

<The Escape>
Jabba's sail barge is wracked by a series of explosions as Luke and his allies make their escape.
After the rescue mission,Luke and R2-D2 travels to Dagobah,while Leia,Han,Chewie,Lando,and C-3PO regroups at the Alliance fleet.

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