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Multimedia gallery

< The Death Star II >

<Death Star II>
Unlike its smaller predecessor,the new Death Star is more an elaborate trap than a secret weapon.Despite the Alliance's faith in their spies,the only reason they know about the Imperial activity at Endor is because Emperor Palpatine released the information to lure the entire Rebel fleet to its doom.As the Rebels prepare to disable the shield generator on the moon of Endor,they are unaware that the Death Star's weapon systems-including its superlaser-are fully operational.

Travelling in the stolen Imperial shuttle,Luke,Leia,Han,Chewbacca,and the droids rely on a secret clearance code to trick the Imperial fleet into allowing them to land on Endor's forest moon.Their mission is to destroy the planetary shield generator that protects the orbiting Death Star,leaving the station vulnerable to a full-scale attack by Rebel starfighters.

<The Ewoks>
On Endor,Luke and Leia are hunted by Imperial Scout Troopers.The Rebels defeat their pursuers in a high-speed chase on speeder bikes,but become separated in the moon's dense forest.
While being stalked by Scout Troopers,Leia meets Wicket W.Warrick,a young Ewok.The Ewoks are angered by the Imperial presence,and after Wicket introduces Leia to the Ewok elders,the Rebellion gains new allies.

<Jedi Twins>
Reunited with Leia at the Ewok village,Luke declares that he is endangering their mission because Vader can sense his presence.He then reveals that Darth Vader is his father,and also Leia's.When Luke states his intentions to confront Vader,Leia tries to persuade him to run away instead.But because Luke believes he can save his father from the dark side,he leaves to find the Sith Lord.

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