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Multimedia gallery

< The Battle Of Endor >

<Rebel Commandos>
Han,Leia,and Chewbacca lead a team of commandos through the Endor forest,heading for the Empire's shield generator.Thanks to help from the Ewoks,they destroy the shield generator,enabling the Rebel Alliance's fleet to direct a full-scale attack on the Death Star.

<Woodland Adversaries>
Imperial Stormtroopers have advanced weapons and are trained to fight in diverse environments,so they are not initially intimidated by the Ewoks or the forest moon's terrain.But as the Battle of Endor progresses,the Stormtroopers realize they have grossly underestimated the diminutive race,who have allied themselves with the Rebels to defeat their common foe.Ewok warriors take every advantage of their natural surroundings to suprise,misdirect,trip,snare,and crush the white-armored soldiers.

<Death Star Assault>
Newly promoted to the rank of General,Lando Calrissian pilots the Millennium Falcon and leads the Rebel starfighters during the Death Star assault.For his co-pilot,Lando chooses his longtime Sullustan friend Nien Nunb.A legend on his homeworld for his exploits as a pro-Rebellion space pirate,Nunb's enhanced sense of direction makes him an excellent pilot and navigator.
Lando's Falcon and Wedge's X-wing managed to penetrate the Death Star,going inside the superstructure.
The Rebel starfighters fires proton torpedoes and hits their target-the reactor core.The Millennium Falcon and Wedge's X-wing speeds away to escape the massive explosion that destroys the battle station.

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