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Multimedia gallery

< Vader's Redemption >

<The Fateful Duel>
Deciding to confront Vader face-to-face,Luke Skywalker surrenders to Imperial soldiers on Endor.Vader brings Luke on board the Death Star,and is brought before the Emperor,who tries to seduce Luke to the dark side of the Force.However,Luke refuses to join the Sith Lords.Goaded by Palpatine,Luke engages Vader in a brutal duel.As Luke's thoughts betray Leia's existence,he unleashes his fury on Vader as the Sith Lord threatens to recruit his sister to the dark side.When Vader is injured,the Emperor commands Luke to kill his father-but the Jedi refuses.

<Attack of the Sith>
Angered by Luke's unwillingness to follow his father's path,the Emperor releases a storm of Sith Lightning on the Jedi.But in failing to foresee Luke's defiance,the Emperor reveals that his own powers are fallible,and a wounded Vader realizes Palpatine can be destroyed.

<A Destiny Fulfilled>
The moment that Darth Vader realizes he cannot allow Palpatine to kill his son,he becomes Anakin Skywalker once more.Fulfilling the prophecy that he will bring balance to the Force,Anakin seizes the Emperor.Mortally wounded by Sith Lightning,the Chosen One hurls Darth Sidious down an elevator shaft,and the Emperor explodes in a violent release of dark energy.

<Vader Unmasked>
As Luke escapes the Death Star,Anakin asks Luke to remove his mask so he can look at his son with his own eyes before he dies.Despite the atrocities he committed as Darth Vader,Anakin is comforted by his son's determination to recover the good that remained in him.

<Interstellar Celebration>
News of the Emperor's death and the Rebel victory at Endor spreads fast throughout the galaxy via the HoloNet,and many worlds respond with celebrations.On Coruscant,fireworks fill the sky as Palpatine's statue is toppled by a jubilant population.

<United in Spirit>
While the Rebels celebrate with the Ewoks on Endor,Luke is momentarily distracted by the apparitions of Yoda,Ben,and a man he instinctively recognizes as a younger Anakin Skywalker.Luke rejoins the party,and the Jedi spirits fade away into the night.

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