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< Force Traditions >

Although the Jedi and Sith Orders teaches the Force,there are other traditions which teaches different philosophies,uses,and powers of the Force,both light and dark side.
These are the organized Force traditions:

The Jedi Order
The Sith Order
The Aing-Tii Monks
The Ancient Order of the Whills
The Baran Do
The Blackguard
The Bladeborn
The Chatos Academy Paladins
The Reborn
The Disciples of Ragnos
The Ee Worms
The Ewok Shamans
The Fallannassi
The Followers of Palawa
The Gand Findsmen
The Guardians of Breath
The Heresiarchs
The Jal Shey
The Jarvashqline Shamans
The Jensaarai
The Kathol Sector's Ta-Ree
The Kiffar Guardians
The Kilian Rangers
The Krath
The Naddist
The Legions of Lettow
The Matukai
The Mecrosa Order
The Order of Dai Bendu
The Order of Shasa
Pelekotan of Haruun Kal
The Potentium Heretics
The Prophets of the dark side
The Rakatan Infinite Empire
The Scitrok Warriors
The Sedrian Priests
The Seyugi Dervishes
The Sorcerers of Tund
The Theran Listeners
The Thuwisten
The Witches of Dathomir
The Wyrd
The Ysanna

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