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Multimedia gallery

< The Resurrection >

<Empire Reborn>
The New Republic's restoration of Coruscant inspires many to believe that the Imperial threat has been greatly reduced.But six years after the Emperor's death,a unified Imperial force launched from the deep core with stunning violence,suprising the New Republic.Within days the Imperials had conquered several key worlds including the capital world of Coruscant.The New Republic leaders evacuated Coruscant and return to guerilla fighting to battle their old enemy.
The mastermind behind the unification and attacks is none other than Palpatine himself,who has been resurrected in the body of a clone,one of many kept in reserve.

<New Face of Evil>
Resurrected in a youthful clone body,Palpatine does not reveal himself immediately.Studying the dark side of the Force to become more powerful,his education results in three manifestos:
The Book of Anger,The Weakness of Inferiors,and The Creation of Monsters.
Because Palpatine's clone body can only contain his evil for a limited time,he strives to take possession of a strong Jedi body.

<Luke's surrender>
When Luke Skywalker finds Palpatine on Byss,he stays and surrenders to him,hoping to defeat Palpatine with his own dark side powers.Luke allows Leia to believe that he has joined the dark side.Determined to rescue her brother,Leia travels to Byss and discovers Luke is attempting to destroy Palpatine and his clones.Luke and Leia combine their powers,but fail to prevent Palpatine from escaping.

<Anakin Solo>
After Palpatine's Galaxy Gun weapon destroys the New Republic base on Pinnacle Moon,its leaders and their families flee to Nespis VIII,where Leia gives birth to her third child,a son.Although her husband suggests the boy should be named Han Solo Junior,Leia insists that his name is Anakin.

<Palpatine Vanquished>
Palpatine seemed to be winning his war of conquest,but when his latest clone body begins to deteriorate at an accelerated rate,he consults with Sith spirits who advise him to transplant his psyche into Anakin Solo.Palpatine tracks the Solos to the planet Onderon and attempts to possess the infant,a ferocious battle ensues.Finally Luke's new ally,the cyborg Jedi Empatojayos Brand,absorbs and vanquishes Palpatine's evil spirit.

<The New Leader>
With all of his clones destroyed,Emperor Palpatine was finally defeated.Without orders,the confused Imperial fleet went into retreat again,abandoning Coruscant and the other Core planets.Mon Mothma spread the news that the New Republic had once again regained control.To cement the victory,the leaders reestablished their capital on devastated Coruscant.
The Empire forged by Thrawn and expanded by Palpatine's clones collapsed at last,this fresh start allowed the New Republic to establish a new system of government.The Provisional Council and position of Chief Councilo had worked effectively in the past,but that system was now viewed as the government that had lost Coruscant to Palpatine.
A new,more powerful single leader was desired,as well as a more clearly defined governmental hierarchy.Mon Mothma was elected Chief of State and President of the Senate.Leia Organa Solo was elected her second in command,the Minister of State.

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