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Multimedia gallery

< The Jedi Academy >

<Skywalker's Jedi Academy>
After the final defeat of the resurrected Emperor,the New Republic understood the need to consolidate its political hold on the worlds of the New Republic.Luke Skywalker spoke before Mon Mothma and the Senate on the oratory floor of the former Imperial Palace.He voiced his dream to re-create the Jedi Knights,a beacon of hope in the old times,once nearly wiped out by Palpatine.
Though his own training had not been completed by Obi-Wan Kenobi or Yoda,Luke asked permission from the Chief of State to train others in the use of the Force.He knew that his sister Leia,her three children,Kam Solusar,the Witches of Dathomir,Kyle Katarn,and Mara Jade had all exhibited an aptitude for the Force.Surely,there must be others across the galaxy who showed similar,talent abilities.
Luke went to the volcanic planet Eol Sha,where he found a fiery-tempered leader named Gantoris.Next,he tracked down the cloud prospector Streen,living as a hermit in the abandoned floating city on Bespin.Later,he found Tionne,a woman with only a minor talent in the Force,but a great interest in the history of the Jedi.
He located other candidates,including the clone Dorsk 81,the warrior woman Kirana Ti from Dathomir,and Corran Horn from Rogue Squadron.New Republic Commander Kyle Katarn also joined the first batch of students,having spent the previous years battling Palpatine's Imperials and investigating a Sith temple on Dromund Kaas with Mara Jade,where he nearly fell to the dark side.
Luke chose the abandoned Rebel base on Yavin 4 for his "praxeum," a place for the learning of action.In the temple ruins left by the ancient Massassi,Luke began to instruct his candidates in the ways of the Force.

<Exar Kun's Revenge>
The continuing threats to the New Republic reinforced Luke Skywalker's need to reestablish the Jedi Knights.The training of candidates on Yavin 4 was,however,a process of trial and error.The slave that Han Solo found in Kessel,Kyp Durron,joined the Jedi trainees,though Luke found a disturbing shadow in Kyp's personality.After the mysterious burn on Gantoris,Kyp Durron encounters a long-dead Sith Lord,Exar Kun.Trapped within the Massassi temples for four thousand years,Exar Kun had been awakened by the new Jedi and their explorations of the Force.Kun brainwashed Kyp and made him believe that he was the best hope for the salvation of the New Republic.
Once the true nature of Exar Kun's existence became known to the trainees,Skywalker's students pooled their newfound powers.In a final battle,with the aid of the long-dead Jedi Master Vodo Siosk-Baas,the students vanquished Exar Kun for all time.Freed from the influence of Exar Kun,Kyp Durron destroys the Imperial Sun Crusher,as an act of contrition.
Kyle Katarn left the academy after the Exar Kun incident.His brush with the dark side on Dromund Kaas still fresh in his mind,he set aside his Lightsaber and allowed his Force skills to atrophy.He would advise Luke in a military capacity only,until the Desann incident nearly two years later.

<Desann's Reborn>
Now working as a New Republic-afflicted mercenary,Kyle Katarn no longer felt a connection to the Force.Late in the year,he accepted Mon Mothma's request to investigate the activities of Galak Fyyar,an Imperial Admiral who allied himself with Luke's ex-student Desann.The Chistori had used Sith alchemy and artusian crystals to artificially imbue a legion of followers with the Force,whom he named the 'Reborn' warriors.
After reenergizing himself with a trip to Ruusan's Valley of the Jedi,Kyle Katarn returns to Yavin 4 to pick up his Lightsaber,which Luke had kept over the years.Desann and his Reborns tried to attack the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4,but Kyle Katarn proved to be more than a match for the Reborn warriors.
With help from Luke Skywalker and Lando Calrissian,Katarn defeated Admiral Fyyar and destroyed Desann's flagship Doomgiver in the skies above Yavin 4.In a Lightsaber duel on the jungle moon's surface,Katarn killed the power-mad Desann.
This time,Kyle Katarn agreed to stay on as an academy instructor and permanent member of Luke's emerging order of Jedi Knights.

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