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Topic page~TV programmes (that r gr8!)~

I’m really enjoying the programmes that’re on TV right now! To name a few- Point Pleasant, The O.C., Desperate Housewives, Footballer’s Wives, Dr. Who, etc! This year’s TV has kinda impressed me!

Point Pleasant, it’s about the daughter of Satan, and she gets landed in Point Pleasant, the innocent little town that turns hay-wire! It’s really great, and near the beach, so watch out for all the lifeguards running about!

The O.C. Gosh, a lot happened in the 1st series, and when I saw the ‘behind the scenes’ they were all going on about how they were scared they wouldn’t have any decent storylines for this 2nd series, but boy have they got it so right! I could not believe my eyes when I saw Marissa get off with lesbian Alex! I mean what happened to her and Seth! Awww! And poor Seth! Having to see his kinda mate Zach, and his ex, Summer together! I mean, it’s like get a room! Ryan and Lindsay!! Honestly, I like Lindsay, she’s cool, and her Dad is Kirsten’s Dad! So really Seth’s Mum is sisters with Lindsay, Seth’s friend’s (Ryan’s) girlfriend! See so it’s kinda like Lindsay is Ryan’s sister! Anyway! That’s enough about O.C.!

Desperate Housewives is sooo great! No wonder everyone is talking about it! I mean how fit is Jesse Metcalfe (otherwise none as John) like SUPER FIT! There’s so much to go on about, but I, erm, don’t wanna bore you! (I can’t believe Bree’s son is gay!!!)

Footballer’s Wives… Tanya Turner! How bad was she! Switching her and Amber’s babies, then telling Conrad that she was crazy! It made me laugh out loud! And I so cannot believe that Darius did that to that poor girl, in Spain! (do you guys get what I’m saying? Bruno Milligan? PSYCO! Burning her poor wive’s clothes! And worse still, they were VINTAGE! I mean, what a monster! I bet you all that Conrad will go crawling back to Amber, now that Tanya made her glamorous exit (didn’t we all expect something like it!)

Dr. Who…. When I saw it in the Tv mag, I was like sooo OMG! I mean, they had pictures of the weird aliens on it! And they did kinda make me stare for a bit. I enjoyed the 1st one best, but how creepy was the 2nd one! I mean, OMG! Those ‘angels’ scared the stuff outta me! I swear I had to listen to some pretty soothing music, before I could get back to sleep! But it’s OK now. Can’t wait till the next one! Well, actually I have taped the 3rd episode, but I still haven’t watch it. GUILTY!

If you guys want anymore info about some great TV shows, just drop me an email, and I’ll be happy to help!

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