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Freedom through Forgiveness

MATTHEW 18 verse 21-35

Forgiveness is the beginning of the healing process. The Holy Spirit will bring all the wounds to the surface. He will come and heal all the pain, wounds, hurts and grief with His "Balm of Gilead."
I must be an instrument of forgiveness. Jesus forgave those who nailed Him to a cross, mocked and abused Him.
The sufferings on your path come to teach you! It teaches you obedience. God has chosen each circumstance in your life to make you a better person.
There is victory in circumstances. Identify your attitude towards circumstances. Unforgiveness can hinder my salvation.
If God has to forgive us the way we forgive others then we are in big trouble. I feel justified in holding something against someone.
Was it fair what happened to Jesus? Many times we think we are not treated fairly. We keep record of the wrongs. 1 Cor. 13:5 - Jesus wipes out all our wrongs with His blood.
THE THREE AREAS OF FORGIVENESS. - 1) FORGIVE OTHERS- What others have done to us. It's like a thorn in your flesh that later starts to get inflamed. It affects your whole being. You are doing harm to yourself by not removing that thorn. (refuse to forgive)
The other person may not even know the pain you are going through. They seem very happy across the road living their joyful life while you are being miserable.
As long as you harbor unforgiveness, you are binding yourself and the other person and you wont be able to move forward.
If i cannot forgive others, God cannot forgive you. It is a form of pride.
2) FORGIVE GOD - Sometimes we are unconciously angry at God and keep bad times against Him. eg. You lost someone who died or maybe you have been molested.
Then we ask God why did He allow it. Your mind tells you that you are not allowed to be angry with God, but in your heart there is a war taking place.
The Lord will never force Himself on you. He is a gentleman. You need to invite Him and ask Him what areas in your life needs healing.
He will show you piece by piece. He will show you who needs to be forgiven. He wont show you everything all at once we wont be able to take it.
Healing takes time. You dont jump off an operating table. Be patient with God and allow Him to do the healing.
What the Lord has started in you, He will finish. The lord does a job thoroughly. We really need to lay ourselves down before the Lord.
Sometimes we are not happy with the way we look. We want to give God this list of things we wanted. The Lord doesn't make mistakes.
You are judging God. The Lord sees you as beautiful, perfect. We must except ourselves the way God has made us. Ask the Lord for forgiveness if you have ever been unhappy about your appearance or personality.
If you have ever said that you are in the way, you were a mistake, you wish you were dead, you opened yourelf up to the spirit of rejection, self-hate and self-rejection and depression.
The spirit of death hangs over your head and you cannot receive life. Ask God's forgiveness for wishing and saying these things.
3)FORGIVE YOURELF - We can be our own greatest enemy when we judge ourselves and refuse to except the Lord's forgiveness. Rom. 8:31-39 - John 20:21-23
Can you forgive yourelf? Yes! Because Jesus has forgiven you! You can declare it to yourelf and others, the blood of Jesus has cleansed you from all sin.
You are reaffirming what Jesus has done on the cross for you with His blood. Pray for those who have hurt you, bless them, love them, as Jesus does.
Think about God's love. Hate drains you. Its a powerful negative force that will ruin you. Keep on loving. LOVE NEVER FAILS

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