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Dealing with Bitterness


THE FRUIT OF A BITTER PLANT IS: Hatred, Rebellion, Hopelessness, Short Tempered, Evil plans, Revenge, Lies, Strive, Unrelentlessness, Jealousy,
Suspicion, Pride, Judgemental, Disappointment, Violence, False witnessing, Hatred, Treason, Swearing, Family Quarrels.
Racism, Alcohol, Drugs, Nicotine, Gluttony, Occultism, Witchcraft, Anorexia, Cancer, Diabetes,
Heart Diseases, Arthritis, Rhumatism, High Blood Pressure, Asthma and Backproblems. If you identify with any of these you have a bitter fruit.
Where there is bitterness, the love of God cant be present. Through bitterness, i am preventing the Spirit of God to flow through me.
Bitterness has a negative affect with my relationship with God. - Eph. 4:31-32 - I can choose to be hurt about the injustice done to me, or i can choose to forgive.
When i turn my eyes upon Jesus and focus on how He has forgiven me by His grace, then i can in the light of His forgiveness to me, through His power also forgive others and make them free!
Then i can begin to bless others- Am i grounded in Bitterness or in God's love? There where your roots are, there lies your source of feeding.
A tree is known or identified by its fruit. It is not what goes in that makes you unclean, but what goes out. It starts out small but in time it grows stronger and bigger.
When my roots are in bitterness, it will produce a bitter plant. Hatred and love cannot be in the same place. We cannot receive love when there is hatred and bitterness in our hearts.
Where there is bitterness, the love of God is abcent. It will destroy the annointing of God over your life. Those who are pure of heart can see God.
The Lord first wants to come and cleanse my heart. He wants to remove all the rubbish in order for us to receive His love.
We are to walk in love with one another. We love God in the same measure to how much we hate our greatest enemy. Do you know God's love?
Are you aware of God's love for you? It is the little foxes that destroys the vineyard. We must focus on God and His love and not on our faith. Then faith comes automatically.
The root of a plant is the starting point - it feeds the plant. It takes all the nourishment out of the ground in order to feed the plant.
Roots are also the plants anchor. You can see by the health of a plant how healthy its roots are. Self-pity is like a deep black hole, it swallows all the insects and rubbish.
The strategy of satan is to create division and strive, to destroy. He wants to come and break apart the bride of Christi. His weapon is bitterness. Guard against bitterness with everything within you.
What is behind a wounded spirit? Unloving, unforgiveness. Ask the Lord to make you sensitive to self-pity, stop him before you see him coming.
If i cant get victory over unforgiveness, then i place that person in a prison and i am given over to the tormentors. The Lord will give you all you need so that you will be able to forgive others-
When you allow unforgiveness to take root in your heart, it will produce bitterness. When we are tempted to become bitter we must take our eyes of it and start praying. - HEBREWS 12:14-28
When we feel weak in our spirit, we have no resistance. We need to recharge our battery. We must allow the Holy Spirit to come and remove the bad roots so that we can be rooted in Christ.

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