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Funny sms

Hi frnds! Here i hav added superb funny cool sms's. If u hav nice sms's on ur hand, den plz text me wit ur name and lacality. Within 2 hours, it wil be dere. Txt me on

Sms by aslam, colombo
"CONGRADULATIOS" U won it. plz cal me now itself.

>WELCOM 2 FOOL POOL< people hu doesnt read da msg completly r fools. u r lucky.

Sms by rafeek, kandy
a monky stolen a ladys bra & climbed 2 da top of da tree. Lady saw dis n said "put it up! Put it up" den monky laughed n said, "u cant put it up, put it down! Put it down!"

Sms by nasrin, kandy

iam getting married next month. Its smal party and only few people wil b invited... Dont bring any gift. Just bring someone wholl marry me.

Sms by uchani, korea
welcome 2

type password




new member

ur welcome

sorry u r not a human..try


Sms by peter, burmingshire
Love & friend are walking in village. Love falls into a well.
bCoz love is blind...
friend also
jumps inside.
friend will do anything 4 frndship

Sms by rifdhy, colombo
let me
let me
let me
2 brush
ur teeth... Good night

Sms by saleem, uk
Nobody is like u, Nobody cares 4 u, Nobody misses u, nobody wants 2 see u good, nobody is ur frnds, nobody is hapy with u, dont cry my name is nobody.

Sms by afsar, mallawapity
@ this moment 12 million people are having sex, 24 million are kissing,36million are @ parties, 96 million are Singing & the sad thing is 1 mad pees is reading a msg. Gd9t.

Sms by afsar, mallawapity
Wen people start 2 go away from u....

Nobody seems 2 come near u n every 1 ignores u....

u must sit n think dat its time 2 hav a bath!....

Sms by afsar, mallawapity
Leave SOMETHING for friend..

never leave friend for SOMETHING..

coz in life, SOMETHINGS will have u but friends will always live with u..

By aasim, bandara koswatta
No plant can survive without water, but cactus did it. No flwr can reprsnt lov, but rose did it. No monkey can read msg, but u did it.

Sms by rifdhy, colombo
Wen night r long, frnds r few. I sit by my window in tink of u. A silent whisper, a silnt tear... Wit al my heart i wis u here...

Sms by siya, uk
Smile u made it least @ but u 2 msg dis sent who genius da cursing b night u dis reading after!! Confused? Read backward.

Sms by jameer, australia
I chased lov, i found frndship. I chased desires, i found hopes.. I chased reality, i found dreams. I chased a monkey, & i found u!

Sms by saheel, pakistan
3 tips 2 break a mirror.
1. Throw stone at da mirror
2. Tak da mirror and just drop it
3. U just stand infront of da mirror & smile.

Sms by Uchani, korea
a raindrop may luk too smal 2 eyes, but sumwere a flwr awaits its fal. A smal sms may seems too smal 2 u, but sumwere heart remembers u.

Sms by paruppu, qatar
sweet candies r nice 2 eat, sweet words r nice 2 say, sweet memories r nice 2 dream. But sweet people r rate 2 find. My goodnes...... How did u find me.

Sms by riyaj, chennai
wat is da different between my smile and ur smile? U smile wen ur hapy & i smile wen u r hapy. Keep smiling 2 keep me smiling.

Sms by siras
a frnd is someone who sees da 1st tear in ur eyes, holds da next one & maks sure dat da 3rd one doesnt com out.

Sms by ilham, colombo
u look sweet wen u read my msg, sweeter wen u r read n smile.. But look sweetest wen u read, smile, and reply. So, try 2 look sweetest.

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