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sx1 placiau


CD with Software
Stereo headset
USB-Cable (for synchronization)
Manual Siemens SX1. Design, size, keyboard
Review Siemens SX1. Summary>>

This phone is available only in one case’s color (Ice Blue), silver plastic that looks alike steel, screen’s edging is darker than the phone’s edges. This solution gives the phone lightness, and it looks more delicate. The denial of usual style keyboard was caused due to the developer’s desire of creating the smallest phone among other smartphones (although some markets are already selling Sendo X). Its size is 109x56x19 mm, it’s very thin, this isn’t a common thing for such models. The developers had also tried to keep an average button size, and not to make them microscopic. They completed this task with an A+, by placing the keypad on the screen’s sides. This solution is very interesting from design’s point as well, the phone receives unusual and futuristic look. Unfortunately for SX1, most users got used using a normal keypad, and it will be hard for them to learn how to use SX1’s. And if dialing a number is not a problem, inputting text is not so easy.

Let’s look at the test’s result that was held for Siemens SX1 among volunteers. This test is available here.

The phone is rather wide that’s why it becomes impossible to type by using only one hand (you will have to move your thumb among the screen, as well as moving the handset in your palm). Holding SX1 with two hands seems to be the most reasonable way to use the phone. In that case you are typing with your thumbs, this is convenient since you’re not obstructing the screen and since the device’s weight is 116 grams you have to learn the art of balancing it between your hands.

This video clip (AVI, 3.75 ëÀ) shows the convenient way of text inputting. Although the text being typed is plain random, we weren’t planning to type anything that had sence, just look at the hands.

The phone features TypeGun – a game that teaches you how to use SX1’s keyboard. It takes about 2-3 days to learn how to use it efficiently. For those who need to input the text, this software will become very useful, so we advice you to spend some time with this game. The text input speed and its precise ability will improve.

The keypad is located slightly about the case, and they’re pleasant to be pressed. You can feel their actual move. This realization has some negative sides present as well. When you’re talking on the phone and holding it with your shoulder – accidental key press are possible. In that case you and your interlocutor will hear the tone. This problem isn’t very actual (especially since this phone can work with Bluetooth headsets), and not every SX1 owner will encounter it, but it’s still possible.

The keyboard’s backlight color is blue. This creates certain difficulties during average lighting conditions; the symbols are simply going blurry and hardly readable.

On the contrast, functional keys occupy much space and hence, they are really comfortable. The small five-positional joystick is the only exception. It’s very small and glossy. This peculiarity plays a bad joke on it; the joystick sometimes is too slippery, and it becomes hard to hold a finger and coordinate your moves. Not all users will pay attention to it. This is a matter of habit. It is easier to use joystick than the alphanumerical keys. The keypad is the weakest point in the phone. By the way, speed of the text input plays plays a great role for a smartphones. Business users demand this function to be convenient and usable.
Review GSM-phone Siemens SX1. Text input test
Review Siemens SX1. Summary>>

An ability to input the text on-the-fly plays a big role for smartphones, since answering an e-mail, typing an URL in the browser or simply answer SMS is vital. The user needs ability for fast and convenient text input.

We’ve selected a group of five volunteers and asked them to type one and the same text. In the first experiment they were typing an e-mail, and SMS in the second one with T9, and SMS without T9 in the third one. The process of text inputting started at once; the appropriate applications were already launched. We gave the volunteers three tries to enter the text, plus the users had ability to familiarize with punctuation marks input technology since this phone was earlier unknown for them.

The volunteers were chosen according to their experience, we had two experienced users (who write SMS often and have Pocket PC with sensor screens) and three newcomers (those who had a few mobile phones and didn’t use smartphones). All users knew English well and use it in their daily life, that’s why we offered them to input the text in English. Typing proper capital or non-capital letters wasn’t required, entering the whole text and keeping the punctuation marks was the only thing that was. Some more testing was made for entering text in Russian; however the results were pretty similar this is why they’re not shown in this review. Average results are shown in the table below, there are some more tables that show results for the same test being made for other devices. We weren’t asking the volunteers to hurry up, the users were typing the text in their usual and common manner.

Example of SMS:

Do you have wholesale customers for mobile phones? We are looking for buyer in Russia. We are exporters of mobile phones based in the UK. Await your news Thanks

Example of e-mail:

Dear Sir
Do you have wholesale customers for mobile phones? We are looking for buyer in Russia. We are exporters of mobile phones based in the UK. Await your news. Thanks and best regards.
P.S. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Also we are planning to launch new program soon, may be it would be interesting for you

The feedback for SX1’s keyboard was different, everyone was pointing out its unusual outlook and unpracticality for fast text input. The users often encountered a fuss while trying to find the right button; this affected the text input speed negatively.

Such keys placement will fit those who didn’t have any experience in working with cellular phones that have “normal” keyboard. We believe that there will not be much of them among the SX1’s consumers. Unfortunately we weren’t unable to provide the volunteers with these devices for a long term in order to see if they can get used to it or no. But I can tell you from my experience that getting used to this keyboard placement is rather hard, and this process lasts for a few weeks. However the text input speed increases after that, but it’s still 2x times slower than if I use “normal” mobiles. This is the main disadvantage for this phone and affects all features. The results speak for themselves, and if you send us your results for the same test – we will be happy to look at them. Perhaps they will be better, but who knows.SX1. The phone’s positioning, life cycle, price changes, advertising campaign
Review Siemens SX1. Summary>>

Siemens targets this phone for businessmen, and the advertisement slogan is “work hard, play harder”. However it turns out to be a small substitution of concepts, certain slyness. The company has to present this device as being a functional and having something in the background as well. This will allow creating advertisement activity around this product, however the main focus group of smartphone consumers are the youth, and those who need such functions as mp3 player and radio. Businessmen will not be so keen on this model. A confirmation to this statement can be the fact that a lot of SL45 users are going to buy SX1 as their next phone just because of its functionality and mp3 player on board. SX1 is the only phone on the market that allows all this stuff at the moment. Big form-factor rejects the minority of potential buyers.

Basically we end up with the fact that men from 22 to 35 years old will be the main consumers of this product. 85% of SX1’s buyers will be men; meanwhile women are not expected to be crazed about this new phone, neither now nor in future. The advertisement slogan holds hidden meaning, this device is addressed to those who are just starting their career and have some time for games. The main effort was put into the second part of the slogan; it fits more to the device itself. The rate is made on certain audience niche. Functionality, ergonomics are fully corresponding to this segment’s needs.

A typical Siemens SX1 user profile looks the following way. It’s a person who spends part of his time mostly in public transport or walking by foot. He will activate FM radio or MP3 player while moving. Listening to SX1 while driving a car doesn’t seem to be an important thing to do, since cars usually have audio system that provides better sound quality. The user can check his e-mail and write some SMS/MMS as well. While he is at work, most likely he will not have internet connection, that’s why he will use his smartphone for the same need (check e-mail). During the intermission in his work, or being present at home (if there is no gaming console or PC around) this person will spend his time playing games on his SX1. It is possible to create conclusion about this segments average profit, considering the users profile. This is an average level of profit; the consumer is neither rich nor poor. However we’re speaking about the major percent of the consumers (around 70%), the other 30% are those who love all the latest things and exclusiveness. These consumers buy the latest phones as soon as they’re released, the amount of such people remains the same and unchanged during the time. Another consumer category is what T-Mobile call Techie. These people are trying to find the ideal device among multifunctional devices, and often buy them as soon as they’re released. They use the device’s functions to the max. They are ready to buy the device as soon as possible without looking at the overrated price; it’s just that they need to get the maximum functionality right here right now.

Each of these groups has certain brand preferences. They are also affecting the choice, and their choice should be taken into consideration. Siemens fans didn’t have an alternative to other manufacturer’s smartphone finally received what they were waiting for, and this device turns out to be the top-notch for them. Such users care not only about functionality, but about the brand as well, in our case it is Siemens.

Taking in mind the sales experience of such devices one thing can be said for sure. Siemens SX1 will become popular in the following segments as soon as it’s released: Fashion, Techie. The main segment will start buying this phone from the end of February; later on the sales will be kept on a decent level by decreasing the price.

Another interesting question is related here is as well, and deserves close attention. Image segment’s consumers don’t care about the product’s additional features, the only thing they care about – is the phone’s original outlook and the presence of main functions (ring tones, good screen, polyphonic ring tones). At the same time Techie users are able to research every mm of their phone and get the maximum functionality from their phone. Siemens decided to launch SX1 before its bugs were cleared out on special purpose. The manufacturer made this since more people will find the bugs faster, than ...
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